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  1. To me, this sounds like great advice!
  2. @artuk Thanks for sharing these. They reminded me of seeing young Southern European migrants hanging out in Australian cities in the 1960s. Of course almost everything is different, but that air of longing and isolation from family and community is so evocative of the migrant experience. And technically, I also gravitate towards 55mm on the street ...
  3. Hey @KevMo64 how are you going with your creative rut? Did you find any of the suggestions in this thread helpful? I'd like to know how the last few months have been for you, because I (and it seems many others in this thread) have had similar ruts, and we each have to find our own ways out of them, taking shorter or longer times to do it ....
  4. Sounds good, so don't want to be negative, but you'd have a flat battery long before getting to 999 time lapse shots ... Is there any way of suppling external power to the XE2?
  5. The XE-2 is getting close to its inevitable runout If you hold off deciding until some time next year, you might have the possibly delicious problem of deciding between the XT1 and an XE3 ... unless the form factor is the deal maker issue for you.
  6. Yes, they are sentimental objects, perhaps as reminders of simpler times, but for me I think they are primarily reminders of "purer" times before the first scratch (as you suggested earlier in this thread), and more generally before the wear and tear of reality started having its effects. I reckon if we carried the boxes around in our bags, as they started getting scuffed sides and worn corners we'd be much less inclined to keep them.
  7. If there is one thing we all know about Apple it is that they are not stupid Perhaps the early version of Maps when Google Maps was dropped, and the dumping of cable syncing via iTunes with Mavericks (& its subsequent reinstatement), are not examples of stupidity, but they certainly suggest to me that Apple is more fallible than I used to think it was. So I'll wait to see what Photos is actually like, without any assumptions about its inevitable high quality or relevance for non-iPhone photographers.
  8. Another box keeper here, and also with limited space. Tend to keep them in unlikely spaces -- trunk of the car, behind books on a deep bookcase, in the second suitcase that hardly ever gets used, etc. There's a slight surprise when I come across them unexpectedly, and either a small feeling of pleasure or annoyance, which helps me decide whether to keep on keeping them or throw them out. But to be honest when I have thrown out boxes that part of me wanted to keep, I've never had feelings of regret once the deed was done.
  9. Thanks Andy for your input, but I am still looking for reasons and excuses to buy more lenses:) If that's all you are looking for, I'm sure there are plenty of sales staff who'll be more than happy to lead you by the nose to where you think you want to go. Meanwhile, back in the camera forum, I really appreciate Andy's clear and practical advice about portrait lenses -- May not be new to experienced photographers, but a good new tip for me.
  10. My impression is that settings are liable to be reset with firmware updates between major version upgrades (eg from 1.x to 2.0, etc) but not between minor updates (x.0 to x.1, etc). But don't recall seeing anything from Fuji saying that's how they do it. Anyone know for sure if that's right?
  11. I do like the way the OP keeps gently bringing this wide ranging interesting discussion back on topic, so in that spirit here are some thoughts that take me out of my competence, but which might provoke more knowledgeable comments ... It seems that there's always been an interaction between the popular camera and the photographers' camera, based on a combination of technology and style/aesthetics/ergonomics. The popular camera has roughly gone from Brownie box to 35 mm film compact to digital compact to smart phone, with perhaps (and weirdly) low-end DSLRs recently in there too. Photographers' cameras have gone from whatever to rangefinders to SLRs to high-end DSLRs to today's' contested space that includes Fuji X series. Anyway, it seems to me that it's this popular/photographer camera interaction that shapes where we're going, and so while it's probably too simple to say we'll have serious cameras that depend on smart screen devices, it's worth asking where popular image capture (aka cameras) is going, and how will that influence serious camera styles. My guess is that the next big thing in popular image capture will be wearable devices (something coming out of google glass and/or go-pro). But serious photography won't follow that for several reasons (mostly the size/weight/control of good lenses), so over the next decade or so enthusiast/professional cameras will not closely follow popular image capture. So my guess is that over the next several years enthusiast/pro cameras might benefit from getting high-res screens, but won't primarily depend on syncing with external screens. So the camera as a physically coherent device will be around for a while. Perhaps in time new image processing technology will make lens technology as we know it redundant -- that would be a real game changer.
  12. @fujiconvert, how do you find the XT1 compared to the XE2? I'd been imaging that the differences were not great enough to warrant having both ...
  13. Thanks for the info, @bashar. I'm on that email list too, and have now found that that message went straight to junk mail. Good to know that an update's coming, and to correct my junk filter.
  14. And people wonder why I'm posting less and less in forums... Well, that's a good reason, especially considering the rough treatment you were given here a few months ago. But I'd thought ( hoped? ) it was because you were busy trying to get your new and much anticipated ( by me, at least ) book on the XE2 released. Just checked, and the publication date is now out to August. Pity ...
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