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  1. Yes its FW4.01 I had no problems, but going on a trip with my camera so not risking it.
  2. Has Bugs New firmware which reverts back to the old firmware while bugs are sorted out is now available
  3. Thanks for this post. I have been thinking of trying some non Fuji manual lens but unsure of the types to look for. This gives me a direction so will look out for some older Glass. Lovely Pics Adam
  4. Ive recently been caught out with Memory cards. I blamed the quipment I was using it on and contacted the manufacturer. They had experienced this before and soon identified that the card was the issue There are a lot of Fake or Counterfiet cards about. The unit I had looked 100% Sandisk right up to the retail packaging. Wasnt till I tried loading it with data that problems sufaced. I foolishly bought it on Ebay trying to save money. Im rapidly going off buying items like this on line. Make sure you buy from a reliable source where you can return it if problems surface.
  5. Very interesting - and of course the firmware updates and X-E3 Will have to wait patiently
  6. Take @veeejaycee's advice and get a copy of iridient, I did, and find its much better with Fuji Raw files than Lightroom. I use an XT-2 and an XT-10 I always shoot Raw + Jpeg. If my JPEGS are good for what I want I use them but have the back up of the RAW file if I want to tweak - AND - You also then have the advantage of using the Fuji in camera converter to make more JPEGs from the Raw file with different settings and film simulation. The best of both worlds perhaps. I also find I can get better results using the "in camera" JPEG converter than I can via Lightroom e.g I dont think LR can support any Lens correction for FUJI but the "in camera " converter does. Im not a Pro and still on a self learning curve with my Fuji's but getting there and very pleased with the images I am now getting. I started with a Nikon and then bought an XE 2, I was getting in a right old mess at times trying to master both manufacturers operational concepts so I can appreciate your problems. I obviously opted for Fuji and now find I'm comfotable with all the X series cameras I get to use. I did find Rico Pfirstingers books on the XT cameras very helpfull. He goes into the JPEG facilities and how they are used in camera, in some depth. Dan Baileys book is also very good. Both light years ahead of the Fuji manual. You can get these as EBUP files at a discount if you google.
  7. Many thanks for the feedback The amazon seller/product wont ship to the UK Expert shield looks good. Good instructions on their website + a UK company with a guaranteed product and free postage on my order so price competitive. Ive just ordered the two
  8. Im looking for two rear screen protectors, 1 for my XT2 and 1 for my XT10. Ebay seems to produce the most sellers but invariably there is a lack of technical information and prices vary widely. Have been caught before with poor quality camera accessories Anyone care to offer any advice on which product(s) to use based on how it performs in actual operation ?
  9. This gives you more info. It should also fit the XT20. Ive also seen them for the XE2 and used one on my XM1for some time. Ill try and get better photos if needed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Silicone-Soft-Case-Protective-Skin-Fr-Fujifilm-Fuji-XT10-xt10-Camera-black-T/282274629379?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  10. Yes, a very simple DIY job with leather or silicon mat. Silicon skins are now available for a lot of the Fuji range. Used one on my X-M1 and just fitted a second to my X-T10. They provide excellent camera body protection from straps andany other light knocks. On Ebay from China circa £6 including postage.
  11. I think Ive got to the bottom of this. Fastone image viewer was leading me astray. Re shot some material this afternoon and did all evaluation via Lightroom. With my X-T2 set for RAW on card 1 and JPEG on Card2 Card 1 contains 3 identical RAW files, Card 2 contains the 3 Film simulation JPEGS as set up for bracketing. Reflecting on this, it makes sense as the expected Raw/JPEG shot numbering sequence is maintained on both cards. (At least I hope thats the reason)
  12. I dont like commenting on publications, as ever, one mans meat is another mans poison. I have no connection with the author. I got this soon after it was available. Publication coincided with my buying an XT10 so I hoped it would be usefull for that alone. Excellent book, quite different from other approaches Ive read on the Fuji's which tended to list points and I found a bit sterile. It does not focus entirely on one camera but tries to cover the range highlighting the operational and other differences between the different models, maybe a slight bias towards the most recent models but I think that's to be expected. I found it very helpful with my XT-10 and XT-2 and being able to reflect back to earlier models I had owned helped reinforce what I was learning. An emphasis on "get out there and try it", which I need to do. It was difficult to get the time to go through it in one go but it's very user friendly and easy to pick it up again. Took me two full days to read, Ill reflect and go back to it over the next few weeks
  13. Have given it a dry run as above. All the books I have say that the Fuji X cameras take 1 Raw and convert it to the 3 JPEG Film simulations. With single memory card models the 3 JPEGS only are stored. No mention in my XT-2 books of how it treats this with its 2 cards set up with one recording Raw the second JPEG.
  14. Ive just bought an XT-10 (to replace my XM-1and provide a viewfinder facility) and am comparing operation to operation with my XT-2. I threw a wobbly with Bracketing Film Simulation on the XT-2. XT-10 is fine since it only has one card and generates 3 JPEGS as expected. My XT-2 is set to shoot Raw + JPEG. Raw on Card 1 JPEG on card 2. If I set my XT-2 to shoot in Bracketing mode with 3 Film simulations what should I get recorded on Card 1? Should Card 1 be inhibited by selecting bracketing on the Drive switch? I understood, that to provide the 3 film simulations, the camera shoots 1 Raw image and its internal Raw Converter generates the 3 Film simulations. I expected the Raw image to be on Card 1 and the 3 JPEGs on card 2 Well the 3 JPEGS are on card 2 as expected. Provia Velvia and Astia. What is on card 1 is shown on the camera rear display as a raw file , there are 3 of these BUT the colour saturation on each varies in line with each of the 3 JPEG colour saturations ? My Faststone image viewer on my PC shows the three card 2 files to be Raw and Iridient converts these to DNG for use in Lightroom Can anyone advise me what is actually recorded onto Card 1?
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