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  1. That's a good idea, I tried something simular with a normal wired remote a few years ago so know how useful having the live view would be for that.
  2. Just done some test shots for a upcoming job. Just a simple(ish) product shot of some vaping liquid. Got lights and camera setup along with black gloss base and took a few test shots. I wanted to get some smoke/fog into the shot which was tricky while operating the camera so I gave the remote app a try. It worked really well and I'll be using it more in the future as you can really fine tune things in your shot through the live view image on my tablet. Could also introduce the smoke and fire the camera at just the right time without rushing back to the camera
  3. Yes mate, just not had time to get on here, started converting my garage into a studio! It's good, the focus seems snappier and tracking is improved, though I haven't had chance to try it on something that'll really test it.
  4. Hi Sam. It's going great thanks, really impressed with it. I got the same grip as you've got, makes the world of difference to the handling. Ya don't think there's a thumb grip that can be used with flash but having used it more now I don't think I need one. I installed the firmware too and off out this afternoon to see how the new AF works, so fingers crossed! Glad you like the portrait, that was the first proper shots I too with the camera and to say I was pleased would be a understatement!
  5. That's what I want to know mate! I'm the opposite way round to you with owning the XE2. The XE2 has just had a major upgrade in firmware making it function the same as the XT10 and XT1. It was good before but even better now! I haven't looked at the X Pro 1 firmware so don't know how up to date they've made it. I think the AF will be better on the XE2 but someone that's owned both will be able to say better than me on that. To be honest I think I want a X pro 1 because it's just such a beautiful camera and if the AF works well enough for portrait and wedding work I'll probably be getting one at some point I think you'd be very happy with a XE2, especially if you use the EVF on your's a lot and not the optical finder.
  6. Got mine done Really like the way the ino rotates in the EVF and all the text looks sharper. One thing that I really wanted to be able to do is change the button for focus peaking, wanted that on the top fn button as I have big hands and it gets a bit cramped pressing the command dial, not the end of the world though. I've assigned ISO to that now. One thing I've noticed is when I press the play button I hear a little mechanical twang. I'm assuming it's the shutter moving but can't say I noticed it that much before! I'll be going out to give the AF a try later so looking forward to seeing what i can do Not that I'm likely to use it but is the eye detection thing part of face detection as I don't see that anywhere. Really liking the direct control of the focus points, it's something I change a lot. You do lose 4 function buttons but there's plenty on the camera so not a problem. Manual focus seems the same but like I said before it works fine any way. Got to say again how impressed I am with Fuji for putting this upgrade out. It's brought a 4 year old camera pretty much up to date. This one thing alone make me think I'll be sticking with Fuji for a long time
  7. You beat me to it! lol It went live around 2oc this morning, but resisted the urge to get up and do it then! lol
  8. Do you know if there's going to be any changes to the manual focus assist? Not that it's bad at all. I've got 2 AF lenses and they are great but my Rokkor 55 1.7 stays on as my default lens, love the thing
  9. With the X Pro2 being released I'd guess the used price of the older one will drop a bit. I've always liked the both the look of the camera and more importantly the images it produces and wouldn't mind owning one at some point as a second body. I've got a XE2 which I think is the best camera I've ever used and I've used a few! Do you think I'd be disappointed with a X Pro1 compared to my XE2? I know the image performance would be pretty much the same and the handling would be a little different but what about AF and speed of use ect?
  10. That's good, we can all be sad together! lol I'm really hoping the AF is a good improvement. Not that I've noticed it bad but I've got a couple of jobs coming up that will test any AF, one involves shooting from the back of a motorbike! lol
  11. I'm so sad! lol Keep checking the XE2 firmware page to see if V4 is out, I even checked the time difference to Japan and it's already the 4th over there (1730 here in the UK) So could be up anytime now I guess
  12. I'm hoping everyone will wait till the XT2 comes out so I can get a good deal on a used XT1 at the end of the year
  13. Ya I was one of the ones that would like better noise not more pixels. I wasn't disagreeing with you about what's been released, those Sony cameras are amazing bits of tech, soulless and awful looking but good none the less. It's more to do with what's possible to produce. You've got to know there's pressure on all of the sensor makers to make higher pixel counts to compete with other makers, just so they can put that big number on the advert. Yes there's been plenty of other improvements and that's great (well apart from anything to do with video, I'd love to know if making a sensor able to shoot 4k affects it's stills capabilities, can't imagine it helps). Anyway, at the end of the day they aren't trying to make the best camera out there, they are trying to make ones that sells the best, this means giving people what they think they need which isn't necessarily what's actually the best possible. Look at Canon's new camera the1D X Mark II, it's only 20mp. So you have a full frame pro camera with 20mp at the top of the range while their entry level D750 has 24mp on a crop sensor. If you assume the 1Dx has Canon's best ballanced sensor in regards noise and performance how can the 24mp one in the 750D also be the best balanced sensor, surely it should have a lower MP count. Pros know what they need while Joe public doesn't and clearly the manufacturers know that. Oh and I know there's the 51mp 5ds but that's not a general purpose camera like most, these probably live on a tripod and probably never go over iso 400!
  14. All sensor history shows is that companies keep making bigger sensors, not what's possible at all. Bigger sensors have been the main selling point of new cameras since digital first came out so that's what manufacturers have concentrated on.
  15. lol Sorry if you re-calibrated your monitor because of these! I was going for a sort of painted look without using the art filters which can look over the top. Oh and I'd say different rather than odd
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