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  1. malboni

    DigitalRev - good supplier ?

    I have used Digitalrev on numerous occasions and always had excellent service from them. On their website, they state in terms and conditions that all duty is paid by the seller (Digitalrev) and the price you pay on checkout has everything included. They have very speedy postage which is traceable, and will even post to a work address. On one occasion, the courier notified me that they had my parcel but required import duty to be paid prior to delivery. When I called them, I simply explained that the company (Digitalrev) paid the import duty prior to posting, they delivered to me the following day. They even apologised for the mistake. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future, in fact I am doing within the next couple of days.
  2. You are not alone, as I walked through a local forest, I looked down and my battery cover was wide open. Fortunately, I use a strap that suspends my X100F by the tripod mount so is always upside down and I didn't lose my battery. Duct tape seems like a simple cure, but come on Fuji, should I really have to stick tape on my £1250 camera because your quality control missed an obvious flaw in design. FIX IT free of charge for your loyal customers and keep us happy.
  3. Does anyone know who makes a really good neoprene small case for the X100 range.
  4. Hello chaps. have we all forgot to mention, faster A/F, the A/F point joystick, Acros film simulation, better battery life etc etc there is an awful lot of change from X100T Just thought I would throw it out there.
  5. That's very poor service, but I don't think you can blame Digitalrev for a delivery issue caused by DHL one of the largest logistics agents on the planet. All I can add to this discussion is, my 3rd purchase from Digitalrev arrived super quick and factory sealed including a UK plug and with 2 years warranty. I must add the improvements a excellent and the EVF has to be seen to be believed. 1st impressions are excellent
  6. My experience with digitalrev.com has been absolutely brilliant. Bought my X-T1 and have had no problem whatsoever, why would you have an issue with a new, boxed and factory sealed item. I checked with Fuji UK before buying and all digital cameras, are covered by worldwide warranty, no matter which country purchased from. My X100T is arriving tomorrow after only 4 days from digitalrev.com. Great company and definitely NO additional import duty in UK
  7. malboni

    Paracord Camera wrist Strap

    I am looking for a Black one. Do you ship to UK and how do I buy from you. Do you have a website and accept PayPal?
  8. malboni

    X-E2 price

    One of the best quality cameras on the planet and IQ that blows you away...What more can I say. At $799 it's a steal.
  9. Hi, I would be interested in the 35 1.4 if you would do $300 including delivery. Thanks
  10. Is this still for sale? If so, I am interested. Could you be interested in an XE2 in Black and pristine with less than 30 shutter count, as a possible px Thanks
  11. malboni

    Changing Aperture on X-E2

    Thank you very much for the explanation, I thought I was going mad...... Thanks
  12. malboni


    I bought the camera from a friend who was in Belfast and emigrated. It is approx 9 months old and has had very little use. I am in Manchester. Thanks
  13. malboni


    Your welcome Adam, thanks for the enquiry. If I sell the camera and not the case, I will certainly get back in touch. Kind regards Dean