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  1. Thanks K1W1_Mk2 and dmward. After my post I dug a bit deeper and decided on the upgrade. Unfortunately, I had to go through an OS upgrade and system backup before I can load it. Sometimes things are forced upon me that are necessary, of course. Cheers. Any issues with the quality of the RAW processing, as I've heard? Or should I beware the pixel peepers?
  2. Thanks Ranger. I'll stick my nose in there, as well.
  3. I have a non-coupled Voigtlander 15f4.5 with the front piece (flare hood) that is loose and wobbles. It does not affect image quality, but affects my mood quality. Has anyone had this issue? and have you been able to remedy the problem. I have no experience with Voigtlanders repair services, but would consider sending it to them for an adjustment if it's not something I can do myself. The viewfinder for this lens has broken off on one side and also needs to be repaired. Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I'm trying to harvest a bit of information regarding other Leica users experiences during their transition from Leica M (which I will still use) to the XPro-1 system. I'm curious about other people's experiences with transition to this technology after 20+ years with Leica M's. Part of what I've always loved about Leica (as a user, not just a collector or carrier) is that Leica seems to still be interested in keeping my M4-2 and M6 running, should they ever fail me. I recently heard that Leica has ceased repair work on M8s (true?), so it's hard for me to justify the purchase of a digital Leica that will force me to upgrade frequently, rather than settle into my tools for years and years to come knowing that obsolescence isn't breathing down my neck. Can someone please give me their impression on the transition to focusing with the x-system? Should I be considering the newer XE-2 rather than the XPro-1? Fuji brand lens adapter? Or Kipon? or cheaper? I've heard the Fuji one is way overpriced for what it is. I have 35, 50, and 90mm Summimcrons. What will I gain by spending the extra on the Fuji adapter? Thanks in advance, Darthpolski
  5. I'm having difficulty uploading RAW files (no JPG) from my X-Pro1 to Lightroom. I'm assuming I need to update the Lightroom software, but I would love to avoid this expense at this time, if possible. What is the earliest version of Lightroom that will handle these RAW files? I'm currently running OS10.6 on a Macbook Pro and have Lightroom 3.6. Currently Lightroom shows all the files as unreadable. Can someone please help out a neophyte digi guy?
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