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  1. It would be very helpful if Fuji allowed "Edit File Name" as a selection in My Menu or Quick Menu or Function Button. When you are traveling you may visit many towns, cities, etc. and later wonder which town you were in when you took a certain photo. Was that cathedral in Madrid or Barcelona? With "Edit File Name" as a quick selection you could abbreviate the town or place with 4 letters (BARC for Barcelona, CART for Cartagena). This way every photo in your entire collection has a name automatically assigned.
  2. There may be some confusion about using the Digital Tele-Converter. By default Fujifilm has the Fn button 7 configured for Control Ring Options. What may not be obvious is that you can assign a different option to this button and still use the Digital Tele-Converter. For example, I have Fn button 7 set to RAW option, yet I can still turn the control ring and get 35MM or 50MM zoom. I have the Control Ring set to Default. This means that I have use of the Digital Tele-Converter in auto modes, but the ring becomes a focus ring in Manual Focus Mode.
  3. We know that the X-T1 has 6 function buttons compared to only 2 on the X-Pro 1, right? Wrong. The X-Pro1 actually has 3. Here's how you do it. Click on Q Menu. Toggle to item you want to assign. That's it. That's all. I toggled to Self-Timer. Days later, when I turn on the camera and hit the Q button, I'm at Self-Timer. I turn the rear dial, and that's it. One button press, then turn the dial. The XT-1, by the way, does not have this feature. When you turn off the camera, the Q Menu goes back to "Basic". So, 3 function buttons instead of 6. Sweet, either way.
  4. As a suggestion: keep the simplicity of a fixed lens on the wonderful X100T but produce a model with a 35MM lens (50MM field of view equivalent)in addition to the present model. Some of us prefer the 50MM lens to the 35MM lens. Traditionally it was the included lens with the film camera and some famous photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson preferred this lens. Two cameras, two types of photographers.
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