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  1. Hi all! Long time reader and occassional poster here looking for help. I have the X-T2 combined with the 23mm f1.4 (latest firmware on both), and I've just noticed this very small quirk. In full manual mode (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) with exposure preview on, moving the aperture between f1.4 and f1.6 results in no change in the live view exposure, even though I can see the meter change by 1/3 a stop, and the final images from each show a difference. When I move the aperture to A in a way that forces a value of f1.4, I can see that the preview is brighter than when I set it to f1.4, which tells me f1.4 is incorrectly showing me the exposure for f1.6, and not the other way around. Other 1/3-stop transitions in the entire range properly show a change in the exposure preview, as I would expect. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this normal? I can't tell whether it's for this particular combo only, since the X-T2 is my only ILC body and the 23mm is my only f1.4 lens. Thanks in advance!
  2. Still waiting for a firmware update that would actually give the X100S BETTER AF than the X100, which was the promise of the X100S in the first place. Isn't the "S" supposed to stand for speed? I have both, and I haven't really noticed an improvement in the X100S AF after all the updates so far. After 1.20, I tried AF mode for a bit, then switched to MF using AFL to focus, which is my preferred method. If there was any improvement, it would have been negligible and would have been overshadowed by the fact that the X100 (FW 2.10) ironically still smokes the X100S (FW 1.20) in AF speed. The older camera focuses significantly faster and more accurately in most situations, but most especially in low light. The only reasons why I choose the X100S over the X100: 1) I like the look of the files better, particularly the Pro Neg Standard look. 2) I can shoot using the EVF in MF mode without the distance indicator getting in the way of my shot (by playing with the Display Settings). There's no way to remove that in X100 MF mode. Here's hoping Fuji still has something up their sleeve for the X100S.
  3. pcg, I'm not sure there is an issue with the normal AF mode. Alas, I much prefer focusing only when I need to for a series of shots, and not every time I press the shutter button, hence the use of AFL in MF mode. I do know you can lock focus in AF mode with the AFL button, but using that as a switch is a bit too fiddly for me. PhoTom, the S also does this in good light. However, I am surprised myself that the S behaves worse in this regard in low light. Strangelove, interesting, but I'm not sure the sensor size and light sensitivity contributes to the issues stated. I've emailed Fuji regarding this, and I do hope they consider addressing this in a future firmware update. As a camera initially marketed as having faster AF than the original X100, the S now feels like it delivers short of that promise. If judged on AF speed alone, I would dare say that for all-around performance in good to low light, the X100 beats the X100S hands down.
  4. Having both the X100 (FW 2.00) and X100S (FW 1.10), I can't help but feel that the former, in some critical ways related to how I shoot, now bests the latter with regards to low-light operation speed: 1) I like to prefocus using the AFL button in Manual mode. In low-light, the X100 seldom has problems with this. It hunts significantly less and locks more accurately than the X100S. The S often annoyingly goes through the entire focus range, and you cannot do anything but wait until it's done. 2) I primarily use the EVF for accuracy, and although the refresh rate of the X100S is generally better in good light, the X100 has the advantage in low light in that when half-pressing the shutter button, you get a pretty good lag-free preview (almost like looking through glass). The X100S EVF is pretty jittery in low light, and half-pressing the shutter does nothing to improve it. Anyone else noticed these? Except for them, I kind of like the image output of the S better. Here's hoping that Fuji recognizes these and addresses them in a future firmware update.
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