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  1. Brilliant. I found the copy option. This is my first fujifilm camera so I am unfamiliar with the buttons. I thank you for your help. You are a kind soul. If it's like other Fuji camera press the playback arrow then press the menu button.
  2. Yes, I saw pg104 but when i press the payback menu , I cannot find the copy. May I know where is it? X20 menu has no copy button. I manage to solve the problem. Thank you. According to the owners manual it does and you use a procedure essentially the same as I outlined above, Page 104 of the manual if you care to look.
  3. X20 menu has no copy button. I manage to solve the problem. Thank you. This is how to do it on the X100s Push the arrow button to display a picture taken on the LCD even if there are no pictures on the card Push the menu button Select tab 2 then the option to Copy Select internal memory to card Select Frame or all Frames On the X10 it is similar Select the arrow button to view a picture taken Push the menu button In the first tab scroll down to Copy Select to copy card to camera or camera to card I suspect that the X20 will be closer to the X100s in the way the menus align but the basic principle is the same. The trick is to be in image viewing screen then push the menu button.
  4. yes, it works. I connect my camera to the pc via USB and downloaded all the photos. Thank you for your help. If nothing else you can upload them from internal memory to PC then load from PC to card via card reader.
  5. I have some images in the internal camera memory. How do I transfer them to the SDHC Card?
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