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    Playa Verdicio

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    Cows in paradise. Somewhere the east coast of Ceylon

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  4. I am a happy owner of a X20 since 2 years ago. The only flaw I think I've found about the camera is that is not weather sealed, and this fact is what I belive that has led the camara to a occasional weird behavior. The thing is that sometimes, in Aperture priority mode it overexposes about 4 points consciously, ie the photometer indicates overexposure, and the display is clearly seen the burned image. Obviously the exposure compensation dial is on 0. And the other strange thing is that, occasionally, without even graze the button, it gets in menu mode. Could it be that too much shooting under the rain or near the brave sea, has got moisture inside the camera causing these weird behaviors? if that is so... Is there any simple homemade solution I could try?
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