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  1. Scottnthewoods

    Dropped my x100 :(

    I dropped a lense once and sent it back to Fuji. You can do that and they will give you an estimate. The turn around was only 2-3 weeks including shipping time.
  2. Scottnthewoods

    Macro setting and Firmware upgrade 4.01

    Thanks for the links. That explains everything!
  3. So I just updated my X-E2's firmware to 4.01. What has happened to my Macro button? I see that it is now an assignable function button, but there is now no way I see to turn on macro focusing. Am I missing something?
  4. I use this and it works great in manual mode. http://www.phottix.com/index.php/en/flash-triggers/phottix-ares-flash-trigger.html?___SID=U
  5. Scottnthewoods

    On Camera - Read Error

    I read several comments along those line especially with macs. (which is what i use) Will start clearing the card that way and see if that fixes things.
  6. Scottnthewoods

    On Camera - Read Error

    I am wondering if it is the result of a firmware upgrade somewhere along the way.
  7. Scottnthewoods

    On Camera - Read Error

    Sometimes when reviewing pictures on my X-E2 I get a read error that locks up the camera when you reach the end of the pictures while scrolling through them. It happens more often going back to front. When you upload the pictures to the computer there are no corrupt files. You can switch the camera off and restart it and continue to take pictures. If you then try to review your pictures using the playback feature it may work just fine the next time. Any thoughts?