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    Lens Control Error

    Same problem with our XF1 after about 6 months of light usage. We've had lens issues in the past with a Canon S100 but Canon had a notice on their website about the problem and volunteered to have the problem fixed free of charge. With Fuji, I read about the denial so I shot a close up vid of our cosmetically perfect unit before I sent it in as I knew they might claim user fault/damage --which they did. I told them I have proof (in the form of a video) that the lens error wasn't due to some surface damage so they put me hold and came back 15 minutes later telling me that they'd fix the problem. Otherwise they were going to charge something like $180 or so for the repair. Hey, I like Fuji cameras which is why I bought this one in the first place but a lot of people, including myself, have experienced this by-the-book systematic process of denying legitimate claims from their repair center. A lot of companies do this like insurance companies but with a known problem I sure wish Fuji wouldn't act in this manner. There's no way I'm going to pick up another unit from them in the near future. Friend of mine had to return 2 brand new X-E2's due to some dust or oil on the sensor issue. He finally just picked up an X-M1 and said that it, too, has some small spot showing up.