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  1. Awesome. I can sell my Nikon stuff now. Only kept it for the reach. This lens looks promising.
  2. RobinP


    Hey Cleber, Cool! I'll keep my eye on it then. Thanks.
  3. RobinP


    Yeah i'm seeing that i am commenting on pics that were uploaded months ago and im only the second comment. It's a shame. I like the concept. Oh well...
  4. Hello, I uploaded some photos to picmaly the other day just to see what it 's about. Anyone know more about it? There doesnt seem to be a lot of action going on. I keep seeing the same few people. Has anyone tried it? Is this how it always is or is it just the time of year?
  5. Thanks Christopher, i will check out that one. And thanks Macabee, i am sure they will do a fine job protecting the camera but they just dont really look the part do they?
  6. Hi all, For my x100 i have a very nice leather camera case to protect it when i throw it in my bag. Does anyone know of one for the x-t1? All i can find are half cases really. Thanks.
  7. Thanks to all. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I'll try to take it out on the weekend. Hope i'll do exiting things with it.
  8. I for one can't wait for this to be in the shops. Means i don't have to hire that 24-70 nikon anymore. I'm young(ish) and strong and don't really care about the size.
  9. I don't know if i did it right but i tried to copy in a link that i find pretty good.
  10. I kinda like the foreground in the first pic. Just not a fan of the weird cropping dimensions for the sake of getting rid of stuff you don't want in the photo. If you know what i mean.
  11. This simple question has turned into a rather interesting look into the old days. Very cool.
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