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  1. Thanks veejeycee, I contacted the person I bought it from, and he removed the mount at some point and put a Nikon mount on it, and put it back to the original mount, but accidently put back wrong. I didn't want to deal with it, and he agreed to take it back. That was a good turn on his part. All is well.
  2. I have a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens that I think is for lack of a better word is a factory misalignment when mounting the lens on a Fuji X camera. When the lens is mounted ( align ) red dot to red dot on camera, the aperture scale is facing down the right side instead of across the top. I contacted veejaycee, and tried to send pictures, but dumb, not good at that sort of things, I am going to try to post them here. Cross your fingers...here goes. The tooth pick shows where the red dot is located. I have other images, but only allowed 2mb?
  3. Thanks Guys for replying to my post, much appreciated. I will try the Faststone toif it works for me. Thanks again. Jerry.
  4. Maybe this is a really stupid question, being that the Nik software is not a stand alone program, can you use the program Contenta Converter Premium after converting an raf file to say a tif to open and use the Nik Collection using just Contenta Converter without programs like Lightroom etc. I hope I have made clear what I am trying to ask. Thanks for any input.
  5. Hi K1W!, sorry it took so long to reply. I think you are right about adapting the Pentax lenses. I am going to sell the 2 lenses, and get the xc 50-230mm lens and I am thinking about getting the Samsang 12mm f/2 wide angle lens for landscape. Thanks for responding.
  6. I just purchased the X-T10, would like opinions on adapting a Pentax DA 18-135mm lens. I have an xc 16-50mm lens, but I just sold my Pentax K50, but I still have the 18-135 lens. I would appreciate any advice about adapting the lens, as it would save a lot of money if I can find a good Pentax DA adapter. Please tell me the pros and cons. Thanks for any information.
  7. isoman


    For sale or trade for Nikon 1-V1 or V2. Fuji X-a1 camera & 16-50mm lens. Camera has less than 200 shutter actuations. Camera & lens comes with boxes, lens caps hood, manual, battery and charger, cd, everything that came with camera. $290.00 I pay Paypal fees $12.00 USPS Priority mail. See images at Craigs list Seattle, photo/ video. Trade for Nikon 1 V! or V2. I would like to trade with someone in the Puget Sound area. Thanks for looking.
  8. For sale: Black X-E1, Black 16-50 lens,Silver 50-230 lens. Includes 2 batteries, battery charger, front lens caps for both lenses, lens hoods for both lenses, camera strap, owners manual, cd, box for camera, box for 50-230 lens. Camera & lenses are in near mint condition.See images on Craigs list at Seattle/photo-video/Fuji. What you see is what you get. Asking $750.00. PayPal + 3%. CONUS only. USPS Priority. Ships Free to PayPal address. Now $700.00.
  9. Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum and hope this question has not been asked before. I recently bought my x-e1 body only. my question is, if their is a way to find out which firmware update the camera has had? The reason I ask is, since I bought the camera I got an xc 16-50mm lens and am wondering if I have to do an update for the lens? If that makes sense. Thanks for responding By the way, the lens is also used.
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