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    35 F2 R on XE1

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  1. GeoffC

    AF speed and accuracy of the new X-H1

    In wonder why that is? I have XE-1 and XE-2, and the AF lag is significant. It doesn't really matter as I don't normally need a fast trigger, but it can occasionally irk when I spot a fast moving bird or one of our dogs! One would have thought Fuji could do better, I had no problem with my S2Pro.
  2. GeoffC


    I looked at this a while ago and found it awfully complicated for my simple mind. Use Iridient and Luminar for my sins.
  3. GeoffC

    XE1 records history

    She's a beauty.
  4. GeoffC


    darn it . missed that discount at 25% !
  5. GeoffC

    Fuji 200mm will be f2

    Something that big doesn't belong on such a compact camera. Forgive the ignorance, but what's the significance of the numbering on the barrel from 400 down to 100 (?) looks suspiciously like a zoom lens on that picture, not the 200mm in the article.
  6. GeoffC

    Cloudscapes over Nunhead cemetery

    For all the Nunhead shots. Brilliant.
  7. GeoffC

    Website Updates

    Looking good. You've not changed to https?
  8. GeoffC

    I'm so old........

    I'm so old I still can't get used to not being restricted to 10-24-36 shots per film (And I miss the film wind-on lever)
  9. GeoffC

    Petition to keep Nik suite going.

    But not everyone wants (needs/can afford) to endlessly upgrade software etc; especially when one has the tools needed now.
  10. GeoffC


    Not used this in years; but you'll need to double-check things like MFPS's settings to see if it's pointing correctly?
  11. GeoffC

    Petition to keep Nik suite going.

    I've signed, but I feel the petition will be ignored totally by Google; especially as 'only' 2500 signatures are needed. It's a flea on Google's giant backside. Mayhap an opportunity for a new third party to develop something?
  12. GeoffC

    FW updates today.

    Indeed. That's going to get some getting used to, especially exposure compensation on bottom of screen instead of side. It'll, no doubt, help to remind me which camera I'm using. Until (If) they do the same with the XE-1....(says he quickly checking :D)
  13. GeoffC

    FW updates today.

    And I was just shocked to discover my XE-2 was shipped with V1.0 FW! No wonder I couldn't relate to half the advice I was reading on blogs etc :grrrrr: There's a moral here....Check
  14. If you want the picture, after it's been taken, to show in the EVF; switch on via Screen Setup, Image display - Off/0.5 sec/1.5 sec/cont.
  15. Whilst I would agree; details?