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  1. justa1972

    Fuji X-T20 + 16-50 OIS ii + 50-230 OIS ii

    X-T20 sold to veejaycee 50-230 sold elsewhere so just the 16-50 left !
  2. justa1972

    Fuji X-T20 + 16-50 OIS ii + 50-230 OIS ii

    And replied
  3. Looking to move on my Fuji X-T20 and lenses. It was bought originally from Wex in Feb 2017. It is in mint condition - no marks on the body at all. I will also include an extra Ex Pro spare battery. Comes with original box and all packaging. £585 posted. Also have an XC 16-50 OIS ii in excellent condition, includes caps and hood £120 And finally an XC 50-230 OIS ii in very good condition - a few very light marks on the body and some marks on the lens cap - includes hood etc £135 Sorry cant upload any more photos but more available if needed ! thanks
  4. Hello After a brief flirtation with Micro 4/3's I have rather unexpectedly returned to Fuji - I will be getting an X-T20 tomorrow. I have also owned an X-T1 and an X-T20 and greatly enjoyed using the 16-50. The problem is that my walkabout lens for my micro 4/3's body was the Panasonic 12-35 which was an f2.8 - also as the X-T20 is now using the 24mp sensor is the 16-50 good enough ? I realise that 'good enough' is an ambiguos question ! thanks
  5. justa1972

    New 23mm f2 lens soon.

    how about weight wise ?
  6. Hi all Occasionally I shoot in Auto mode (don't laugh) but I've noticed that I can't turn of the Pre AF when in Auto mode - is there any way around this ? Having the lens constantly hunting is annoying and runs the battery down ! thanks
  7. I've since added the HDL-6, grip part only and it has made the holding of the camera much more DSLR like in security. I just found, at the time that the Olympus operational and AF speed way more reliable and efficient than the Fuji. Fuji is getting there, though. Fair enough I honestly haven't been able to tell much difference in AF speed between the EM10 and my XE2 - but too be fair I don't take action shots.
  8. I actually bought an OMD E10 before buying my XE2. The E10 is a great camera but I just couldn't get on with it - just plain uncomfortable to hold and the menu system is hideous ! The plastic lenses felt horrible to me too. I had it for a week and was lucky enough to not lose much money on it, bought the XE2 and loved it straight away - just feels like a proper camera...
  9. justa1972

    A which camera for me thread ?!

    Thanks for the replies Why did I sell my NEX ? Hard to say really, it took good images but I just didn't warm to it. It seems a strange thing to say but it felt more like a computer than a camera and it just didn't inspire me. The choice of lenses is poor - I only had the 16-50 and was considering buying another lens when I thought is it wise to invest into a system that I'm not that keen on ? I've always loved the look of the Fuji cameras but they were out of my price range when i bought the NEX. Regarding the X20 - its a nice camera but I'd like the opportunity to fit different lenses to a camera - at some stage a proper wide angle. The only thing that concerns me about Fuji is the price of the lens - then again if I went for the XM or XA it would come with 2 and I'd only want to add a prime !
  10. Hello Newbie here ! I'm not a Fuji owner at the moment but I'm hoping I will be soon ! I recently sold a Sony NEX 6 and have been looking at replacing it with an XE-1. Budget is pretty tight, I can stretch a little but not massively - ideally I'd like an XE-2 but its just too much I am a keen photographer but not massively serious, I mainly take photos on Holiday and weekends away - I'm not the sort who gets up before dawn to get the best light ! I like landscapes and taking photos of lovely French villages and street scenes, I don't think I have ever taken an 'action' shot and nor does it particularly appeal to me ! So I could afford an XE-1 but probably with the 16-50 lens - I can get it used for just under £400 - I'd then save up for a prime lens. However, I then noticed the XM-1 & XA-1 which just look great value for money ! For £410 the XM-1 comes with the 16-50 and then you get the 50-230 free ! The only issue is that these cameras don't come with a viewfinder and I'm really not sure I can live with that ! They also don't have a panorama mode which I also enjoy using ! This brings me back to the XE-1 !! The only thing that concerns me is that this is an older generation camera now and I've read that its pretty slow - the NEX6 that I had was pretty quick - would I be frustrated by the XE-1 ? If you have got this far then thanks and please offer some advice so that I can decide which would be the best option for me ! thanks