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  1. Hello Rec'd my X-T3 today and have been slowly working throught the menu to get things how I like them ! I've got a few questions and would be grateful if you could answer them !? Firstly - after taking an image I like to view it in the viewfinder rather than the rear monitor - however, the image doesn't pop up into the viewfinder unless I press the playback button on the rear of the camera - is it possible to acheive this automatically ? 2 - When I am looking at am image I may wish to check the focus - I know I can press in the rear command dial and turn this to zoom out - can I change it so that the front dial does this ? 3 - When going in and out of the menu it doesn't take you back to the last option you were looking at so you have to scroll through all the menus again - can this be changed ?! Finally, is there a website that does a really good walkthrough of all the settings ? In particular I don't really understand the DRO settings and the D range priority settings ? thanks if you got this far and even more thanks if you can provide an answer !
  2. X-T20 sold to veejaycee 50-230 sold elsewhere so just the 16-50 left !
  3. Looking to move on my Fuji X-T20 and lenses. It was bought originally from Wex in Feb 2017. It is in mint condition - no marks on the body at all. I will also include an extra Ex Pro spare battery. Comes with original box and all packaging. £585 posted. Also have an XC 16-50 OIS ii in excellent condition, includes caps and hood £120 And finally an XC 50-230 OIS ii in very good condition - a few very light marks on the body and some marks on the lens cap - includes hood etc £135 Sorry cant upload any more photos but more available if needed ! thanks
  4. Hello After a brief flirtation with Micro 4/3's I have rather unexpectedly returned to Fuji - I will be getting an X-T20 tomorrow. I have also owned an X-T1 and an X-T20 and greatly enjoyed using the 16-50. The problem is that my walkabout lens for my micro 4/3's body was the Panasonic 12-35 which was an f2.8 - also as the X-T20 is now using the 24mp sensor is the 16-50 good enough ? I realise that 'good enough' is an ambiguos question ! thanks
  5. Hi all Occasionally I shoot in Auto mode (don't laugh) but I've noticed that I can't turn of the Pre AF when in Auto mode - is there any way around this ? Having the lens constantly hunting is annoying and runs the battery down ! thanks
  6. I've since added the HDL-6, grip part only and it has made the holding of the camera much more DSLR like in security. I just found, at the time that the Olympus operational and AF speed way more reliable and efficient than the Fuji. Fuji is getting there, though. Fair enough I honestly haven't been able to tell much difference in AF speed between the EM10 and my XE2 - but too be fair I don't take action shots.
  7. I actually bought an OMD E10 before buying my XE2. The E10 is a great camera but I just couldn't get on with it - just plain uncomfortable to hold and the menu system is hideous ! The plastic lenses felt horrible to me too. I had it for a week and was lucky enough to not lose much money on it, bought the XE2 and loved it straight away - just feels like a proper camera...
  8. Thanks for the replies Why did I sell my NEX ? Hard to say really, it took good images but I just didn't warm to it. It seems a strange thing to say but it felt more like a computer than a camera and it just didn't inspire me. The choice of lenses is poor - I only had the 16-50 and was considering buying another lens when I thought is it wise to invest into a system that I'm not that keen on ? I've always loved the look of the Fuji cameras but they were out of my price range when i bought the NEX. Regarding the X20 - its a nice camera but I'd like the opportunity to fit different lenses to a camera - at some stage a proper wide angle. The only thing that concerns me about Fuji is the price of the lens - then again if I went for the XM or XA it would come with 2 and I'd only want to add a prime !
  9. Hello Newbie here ! I'm not a Fuji owner at the moment but I'm hoping I will be soon ! I recently sold a Sony NEX 6 and have been looking at replacing it with an XE-1. Budget is pretty tight, I can stretch a little but not massively - ideally I'd like an XE-2 but its just too much I am a keen photographer but not massively serious, I mainly take photos on Holiday and weekends away - I'm not the sort who gets up before dawn to get the best light ! I like landscapes and taking photos of lovely French villages and street scenes, I don't think I have ever taken an 'action' shot and nor does it particularly appeal to me ! So I could afford an XE-1 but probably with the 16-50 lens - I can get it used for just under £400 - I'd then save up for a prime lens. However, I then noticed the XM-1 & XA-1 which just look great value for money ! For £410 the XM-1 comes with the 16-50 and then you get the 50-230 free ! The only issue is that these cameras don't come with a viewfinder and I'm really not sure I can live with that ! They also don't have a panorama mode which I also enjoy using ! This brings me back to the XE-1 !! The only thing that concerns me is that this is an older generation camera now and I've read that its pretty slow - the NEX6 that I had was pretty quick - would I be frustrated by the XE-1 ? If you have got this far then thanks and please offer some advice so that I can decide which would be the best option for me ! thanks
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