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    XF100-400, XC50-230, XF35mm F2, XF24mm F1.4, Tamron 150-600, Nikon 300 F4D

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  1. Chile

    X-T1 panorama

    first time with the pano mode on the X-T1
  2. Chile

    hillside in portrait

    the morning, work drive in to the mountains.
  3. Chile

    trying to make lemonade out of sandhill cranes

    https://flic.kr/p/PzgLSs about as much as I liked...plus, i'm not that good with post processing.
  4. Chile

    trying to make lemonade out of sandhill cranes

    true. and yes, I pushed it way more than I care to in post. i'll take a look at what your input adds to it and see how it goes. thank you.
  5. one, my technique was terrible. two, the light was almost gone. three, had to drive the ISO up way more than I ever care to do. but with all these lemons I gave myself, I still tried to make some lemonade.
  6. Chile


    thank you. it was shot with the XF100-400...I shot a few more of isolated "branches" and yes, I know what you mean about being drawn to it..
  7. After reading through all the reviews, I don't think the T2 is a must have upgrade. That being said, I could use the improved AF for a lot of what I shoot. I bypassed the T2 so I could pick up my xf100-400... And will probably hold off till after I get the 50-140... And even then, a back up T1 or an XP1 may wind up being the choice.
  8. Chile

    just passing through

    pelican overflying the Pismo Pier...a little soft but I'm okay with that.