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  1. I agree. I originally joined this thread hoping to hear from others that experienced the same "updated firmware problem" that I was experiencing. But now I feel that what happened to my X-Pro2 had something to do with a hardware issue rather a software glitch. It is may be possible that the new firmware (3.10) helped cause this hardware flaw to show up sooner rather than later and then again, maybe not. But I think the problem was there. There will always be performance outliers from a production line. It seems, now, that I purchased one. I hope the frustrations I had when using my X-Pro2, in the early summer, are finished with this installation of the new main board unit. The camera is a joy to use. I'm hoping the repair by Fujifilm solved this issue, for good, and I can continue to enjoy photography again
  2. Received my X-Pro2 back from the Fujifilm Camera Repair Department during the first week of September 2017. They had it for about a month. On the sheet, that came back with the camera, was written: “Replaced main board unit. Inspected and cleaned. Performed firmware upgrade.” The upgrade was to 3.11 which was released as the X-Pro2 was shipping to be repaired. I’ve had a few chances to test it out and all seems to be working with the problems I reported above being gone. Again, if there is anything else to report after it’s repair, I’ll write about it here. I hope you never hear from me again about that problem! I want to enjoy using it again.
  3. It might have cleared up my problem. I was hoping that a firm ware update would have done that, but now I suspect there was something other than software glitches going on. The last time it wouldn't power on, it REALLY wouldn't power on. Prior times it would immediately power on after I would remove and replace the battery. This last time, though, that no longer worked. It was dead. I tried repeatedly to get it to operate by removing the battery. But nothing! I took it into the house, and left it. Then, after about a half an hour removing the battery did start is up and it was normal again up to the day I packaged it for shipment. Also, the evening before what I described above, I was at a small concert taking photos. When finished, I noticed that the battery level was 87%. I turned off the camera put it in my bag and walked home. I took my XPro2 out to remove the SD card and it was very hot, still in the off position and I notice the battery level was then at 62%. There were no new photos or video on the card. Then, the next day is when it would not respond to the removal and replacement of the battery.
  4. Part of his email to me states: "Regarding my X-Pro2 issue, I had to send it back repair and got it back working perfectly. Its one of those issues that are not common but unfortunately the only solution is contacting Fujifilm and sent it to their facility in your region. I believe it was a “Main Board Issue”. " Other than that, I didn't hear more nor did I need to. It seemed that the issue with my XPro2 is some sort of internal electrical problem rather than a software glitch that would be addressed with a patch. So, off my camera went to be checked. I really hoped that I wouldn't have had to send it in, but life doesn't always follow the script you'd like it to.
  5. I got in contact with another member of this forum, who had a thread last year about a similar issue. He ended up sending his in for repair and has since enjoyed trouble free shooting after receiving it back. He told me "it was a main board issue". So, today, I sent my XPro2 to the Fujifilm repair center in New Jersey, USA to be checked under warranty (and hopefully repaired). Until it is sent back, I will get reacquainted with my XE2s. I'll write later to report on what happens with the XPro2.
  6. I'm sure you are right. But with "my" random behavior, I never experienced any problems with my X-Pro2 until I updated to the most recent firmware release, 3.10. Also, I understand that this strange camera issue is not something all x-pro2 owners experience after updating. But some do. I hope others experiencing this, whether they are X-Pro2 or X-T2 users will leave posts here. Maybe there are enough of us to compare notes and outcomes to repair services or emails to Fujifilm or whatever action we take. In my case, I feel that my X-Pro2 has become unreliable, though I still enjoy using it when it is operating properly.
  7. I have no idea how this issue will be sorted out. A new firmware patch after the problem is identified? I half suspect that if I send it in to Fujifilm, they will keep it for some time, then return the X-Pro2 with a message that they couldn't find any problems. Then, two weeks later, it won't power on again, because this is an intermittent glitch. I can't find any pattern to it. Such as: if I do this or use that setting or lens, then it won't power on. It's just random! Frustrating!
  8. I updated soon after the update was released, I think in June. I started to have the same issue the OP has described. I thought it was related to the new update and using lenses with un-updated lens firmware. It seemed to happen with the two used lenses I bought and tested before updating their firmware. After I updated the lens firmware, the X-Pro2 startup problem seemed to go away. Unfortunately, last Saturday it happened again and I couldn't get the camera started, no matter how many times I totally removed and replaced the battery. But after letting it sit for twenty minutes or so it responded and powered up and has been okay since. If you search the internet you'll find descriptions of this occurring to several people on different forums - all describing the same non startup and battery replacement issue after the update to 3.10. You will even come across X-T2 users that describe the same or a similar problem. I hope Fujifilm is aware of this and moves to do something. The idea of sending my camera in for repair or continuing to use my unreliable X-Pro2 is not a good choice to face.
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