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  1. flashbang

    A dumb question.......

    That's what I was thinking, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  2. ......at least it seems dumb, but I gotta figure it is worth asking before I do something even dumber. I recently picked up a used X-100s - It did not come with the Fuji CD. Now, according to the manual (which I do have) I should not connect the camera directly to my computer to download photos before I load in the CD. I have PS and LR. I have loaded photos from the SD card with no problem. Do I really need the CD?
  3. I went looking for a GSS Glass screen Protector for my x-100s; found lots for the 100F and 100T, but none specifically for the S. Anybody know it the screen sizes are the same on the S? Thanks!
  4. Just ordered a couple of Wasabi batteries and a charger. Thanks!
  5. I just received my “new” X-100S, purchased on eBay. Great camera in fine condition, but the Fuji CD was not included in the package. So, first off: do I need it? If so, can I download what ever I need there on line? I currently use Photoshop and Lightroom and have downloaded images from SD cards without any problem, but not directly from the camera. Also: how do I find out the current firmware in this camera? Unless I am missing something – very possible! - there doesn't seem to be anything on the camera's menu about it. Thanks!
  6. flashbang

    Which Travel Camera?

    x-100s! -my thanks to all for the fine replies to this post - Most appreciated!
  7. I just picked up a nice x-100s and now I get to shop for the extra goodies. Camera came with one Fuji battery and charger, so adding to that is first on the list. I am sure there have been on after market batteries, but am curious to see what the 'latest' user info and recommendations might be here. In the past I have used a variety of brands on my DSLR's with no problems of note. I am figuring on picking up one of the combos of maybe 3 more batteries and a second charger. Any brand suggested? Or to be avoided? Thanks!
  8. flashbang

    Fuji X-10, New York City

    Camera is in top condition both cosmetically and functionally. I am only selling it because I have switched to another system. EVERYTHING SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS IS INCLUDED: - Original Fuji MANUALS and DVD - Fuji BATTERY CHARGER and 3 BATTERIES (one Fuji, 2 After market) - High Quality LENS PROTECTICE FILTER - LENS SHADE AND LENS CAP - Fuji STRAP (unused) and CONNECTING CORD (also unused) ORIGINAL BOX (serial # matches) and all original packing materials Plus Book:” PHOTOGRAPHER'S GUIDE TO THE FUJIFILM X-10” 326 PAGES , the absolute best guide book for this camera. These are un-Photoshopped photos of the camera and accessories offered. They are not 'stock shots' or something copied from another source. $400 and it is yours. Payment via PAYPAL or US POSTAL MONEY ORDER. Shipping to Continental USA is FREE. Anyplace else, please add postage for 3 Pounds plus insurance. Thanks!
  9. I am a full time working pro, but when it comes to traveling I really don't want to carry (or be concerned with) any large, expensive camera systems. Some years ago I fell in love with the X-10, right around the time they hit the market. Since then my travel 'outfit' has consisted of 2 of them. That's it: one to carry around and one in reserve. Great little workhorses and surprisingly rugged considering the places I have carried them. And they produced fine enough quality images so that I have been able to finance most of my trips with photo sales. Anyway,(and like me), they are getting a bit worn and although they both seem to be functioning perfectly, (almost like me), I figure they are getting to the point where 'something's gotta give,' and rather than face an unexpected surprises the field, I figure it is time to consider a replacement outfit. I do like the Fuji design, so my inclination is either towards a pair of X-70's or one of the X-100's (not really sure which). I'd probably be up for saving a few $'s by buying them used. So, any suggestions?
  10. flashbang

    Gitzo Tripod & Head

    Genuine GITZO TRIPOD & GITZO HEAD! The real deal from what is arguably the absolute best maker of tripods ever. This is a perfect travel size. Tripod is genuine aluminum, not carbon fiber which I think is the biggest ripoff going as far as photo equipmment goes, but thats another story. Anyway, here are the approximate measurements: Folded legnth, with head: 17” Each leg extends 40” Center post extends (in 2 sections) to 22” On a scale of 1 to 10, the mechanical condition of this tripod is around 9.5. Cosmetically it is around a 4. That means it is about as solid as it was the day the Gitzo folks trotted it out of their factory. Figure on using it for the next 20 or 30 years then selling it to another generation fo photographers. Or pass it on as a famil heirloom. On the other hand, it has been well used and has the scratches and chipped paint to prove it, so if you are looking for pretty, look elsewhere. These are actual photos of the Gitzo Tripod for sale here: they are not “stock” photos or something copied from another source. And the $1 is there for scale and is not included. I will part with it for $125.00 - and that will include shipping to any address in the Continental USA. Anyplace else, figure cost of shipping for about 4 pounds via whatever shipper you like. Payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order. Thanks!
  11. First: GENUINE, MADE IN USA, ORIGINAL DOMKE F-2 CASE. It is in great shape – no holes, a bit of wear – with proper care it should last another 20 or 30 years. Us it well, sell it then and make a huge profit. Comes with the 'GRIPPER SHOULDER STRAP, CARRYING HANDLE, 2 PADDED INSERTS as shown also the PADDED BOTTOM PROTECTOR. I even have DOMKE ORIGINAL LUGGAGE TAG! And again: this is the real deal, made in USA, not a knock off from China. $100 (plus shipping) and it is yours! Olympus FL-14 Flash: Probably was used, but is in perfect operating shape. I put a set of batteries in it and it worked perfectly. Comes with Original Manual, Storage Pouch, 'Mount Protector' and even the warranty cards. $50 (plus shipping). Hoodman: looks like new – but I will call it 'like new' so nobody gets mad at me - just missing original packing. With great padded case and neck strap. $50 plus shipping. Finally: Two 72mm JAPAN OPTICS 72mm FILTERS: FLD & CPL: both appear to be in new condition. Case included. $15 plus shipping. Location is New York City. Payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order. Money Order
  12. flashbang

    Hoodman, Case & Strap

    'Like new condition':great piece of equipment with fine optics only turned out that I really did not use it so it has spent most of the time i have had it in a desk draw. Had it listed on eBay for $80 witrh no takers, so figure I'd list it here and go for best fair offer. Location is New York City.And will ship to anyplace. I will accept payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order (not other MO's). Make an offer. Thanks!
  13. ‘JAPAN OPTICS’ brand 72mm FILTERS: FLD & CPL: I have absolutely no use for these, not even sure how I came to own them and will accept any reasonable offer to get rid of them! The look to be new, or close enough to not matter. Location is New York City. Will ship to anyplace. Will accept payment via PayPal or (in USA) US Postal Money Order. Check out my eBay account under ‘meng5’ with over 400 positive feedbacks over the last dozen or so years. e-mail: paledin123@aol.com thanks!!
  14. flashbang

    Hoodman with Case & Neck Strap

    Hoodman, Case & Necks Strap: Great accessory, really outstanding optics and I never really used it, It has been in a desk draw for most of the last year. Call it "Nearly New" condition. This is a photo of the items, not a stock shot. I am selling it now so I can buy something else I don't need. Price: $65.00 and I will cover postage to Continental USA. Please e-mail e for international shipping cost. Payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order (Post Office MO, NOT Bank). Thanks!
  15. flashbang

    HOODMAN w/Case & Neck Strap

    Hoodman loup, with Neck Strap and Case. Bought this a while ago, but never really used it. It has pretty well lived in a desk draw since I got it. It could probably pass for new, but I am calling it 'used' just so nobody gets mad at me. I am selling it now so I can buy something else I don't need. Photo is of the items, not a 'stock shot' or something copied from another source. $65.00 and it is yours! Payment by PayPal. I will cover shipping to Continental USA (via USPS or FedEx Ground) and PayPal fee. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions: paledin123@aol.com Thanks!