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  1. My "homebrew" solution: scarp bits of aluminum, brass and wood and a day's worth of filing and sanding. Works!
  2. Just got a 'new' X-10 and am looking for a glass screen protector. I had an X-10 a while back and I remember that the screen is the same size as one or more of the more popular DSLRs, so I was able to fine one easily. Unfortunately it was a while back and that camera is long gone and I don't remember which DSLR had the same screen size. Anybody help?
  3. Reluctantly, I am selling my Fuji X-100S. I bought it with great hopes, mostly because it was styled like the Leicas I used for decades. I agreed with all the reviews: the lens is spectacular and the X-100S design and construction are over the top. Sad part: despite all that, I somehow never really used it much. So now I am offering it here together with some custom accessories. So about the deal: First off, the camera it self is in immaculate condition. No dings or scratches, lens protected by a top quality filter (B+W Brand), and a screen protector on the LCD Screen. In addition to the filter and screen protector, the following is included: Filter Holder and Vented Lens Shade - 2 Battery Chargers (One Fuji, One After-market) - 4 Batteries (One Fuji, 3 After-market) - Computer Connecting Cord - Original Owner's Manual - SQUARETRADE WARRENTY with over a year of coverage. - You also get the Original Fuji Lens Cap and Retaining Ring that nobody ever uses, but there they are. I am also a hopeless gadgeteer and I have added a few custom features to this package: – CUSTOM BRAIDED NYLON PARACORD NECK STRAP: perfect size and design for this camera, very comfortable. I removed it from the camera for these photos since I could not get it to look right otherwise! – CUSTOM GRIP: I fabricated this myself because there is nothing on the market that really fits this camera correctly. This provides a positive non-slip grip while allowing easy access to camera controls. The photo is a 'selfie' of me holding it and really doesn't do justice to how comfortable it is. It is made from aluminum, brass and wood with textured rubber padding. – MODIFIED THUMB REST – OK, I started with a stock 'no-name' thumb rest that fit, but like many others out there, it put much too much strain on the hot shew. I added a brass shim spacer that take virtually all the strain off that connection and makes for an even more solid grip. These are actual un-Photoshopped photos of the camera and accessories offered here, not stock shots or anything copied from another source. Price: $550 - including shipping to Continental USA. Location: New York City
  4. X-10 vs. X-30? For years my 'carry around' camera was an X-10. My travel outfit was a pair of them and I have always been happy with the results. A couple of years ago one of then finally gave out. I tried replacing it with an X-100s, but after a year, I still don't feel comfortable with that camera and I will probably end up selling it. Anyway, my current “problem” is whether to pick up another X-10 (so I have a back-up camera for travel) or to try an X-30. Seems I get the same lens and same sensor either way and the X-30 is a bit larger and most listings are a few bucks more than for the X-10. If anyone has owned and used both, your suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Bought a second hand x-100s. No complaints. Thanks to all for the feedack!
  6. That's what I was thinking, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  7. ......at least it seems dumb, but I gotta figure it is worth asking before I do something even dumber. I recently picked up a used X-100s - It did not come with the Fuji CD. Now, according to the manual (which I do have) I should not connect the camera directly to my computer to download photos before I load in the CD. I have PS and LR. I have loaded photos from the SD card with no problem. Do I really need the CD?
  8. I went looking for a GSS Glass screen Protector for my x-100s; found lots for the 100F and 100T, but none specifically for the S. Anybody know it the screen sizes are the same on the S? Thanks!
  9. Just ordered a couple of Wasabi batteries and a charger. Thanks!
  10. I just received my “new” X-100S, purchased on eBay. Great camera in fine condition, but the Fuji CD was not included in the package. So, first off: do I need it? If so, can I download what ever I need there on line? I currently use Photoshop and Lightroom and have downloaded images from SD cards without any problem, but not directly from the camera. Also: how do I find out the current firmware in this camera? Unless I am missing something – very possible! - there doesn't seem to be anything on the camera's menu about it. Thanks!
  11. x-100s! -my thanks to all for the fine replies to this post - Most appreciated!
  12. I just picked up a nice x-100s and now I get to shop for the extra goodies. Camera came with one Fuji battery and charger, so adding to that is first on the list. I am sure there have been on after market batteries, but am curious to see what the 'latest' user info and recommendations might be here. In the past I have used a variety of brands on my DSLR's with no problems of note. I am figuring on picking up one of the combos of maybe 3 more batteries and a second charger. Any brand suggested? Or to be avoided? Thanks!
  13. I am a full time working pro, but when it comes to traveling I really don't want to carry (or be concerned with) any large, expensive camera systems. Some years ago I fell in love with the X-10, right around the time they hit the market. Since then my travel 'outfit' has consisted of 2 of them. That's it: one to carry around and one in reserve. Great little workhorses and surprisingly rugged considering the places I have carried them. And they produced fine enough quality images so that I have been able to finance most of my trips with photo sales. Anyway,(and like me), they are getting a bit worn and although they both seem to be functioning perfectly, (almost like me), I figure they are getting to the point where 'something's gotta give,' and rather than face an unexpected surprises the field, I figure it is time to consider a replacement outfit. I do like the Fuji design, so my inclination is either towards a pair of X-70's or one of the X-100's (not really sure which). I'd probably be up for saving a few $'s by buying them used. So, any suggestions?
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