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  1. Spring Cleaning Time and I am offering up my collection of vintage photo literature: These are guides, instruction books and advertising and promo pieces that I have acquired over the years. Some may not be all that vintage, but are interesting just the same. Several of the guides are still useful for those hardy souls shooting film. THERE ARE MORE ITEMS THAN THE ONES SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS! I came across MORE STUFF after I shot those and am just too lazy to re-shoot! More good stuff and I probably will find (and include) a few more by the time the sale is done. $15.00 for Everything, Including Domestic Postage! .
  2. NOPE! Just got one and it is more than 1/4" too wide, hanging over the edge of the screen and basically useless.
  3. My "homebrew" solution: scarp bits of aluminum, brass and wood and a day's worth of filing and sanding. Works!
  4. Just got a 'new' X-10 and am looking for a glass screen protector. I had an X-10 a while back and I remember that the screen is the same size as one or more of the more popular DSLRs, so I was able to fine one easily. Unfortunately it was a while back and that camera is long gone and I don't remember which DSLR had the same screen size. Anybody help?
  5. Reluctantly, I am selling my Fuji X-100S. I bought it with great hopes, mostly because it was styled like the Leicas I used for decades. I agreed with all the reviews: the lens is spectacular and the X-100S design and construction are over the top. Sad part: despite all that, I somehow never really used it much. So now I am offering it here together with some custom accessories. So about the deal: First off, the camera it self is in immaculate condition. No dings or scratches, lens protected by a top quality filter (B+W Brand), and a screen protector on the LCD Screen. In addition to the filter and screen protector, the following is included: Filter Holder and Vented Lens Shade - 2 Battery Chargers (One Fuji, One After-market) - 4 Batteries (One Fuji, 3 After-market) - Computer Connecting Cord - Original Owner's Manual - SQUARETRADE WARRENTY with over a year of coverage. - You also get the Original Fuji Lens Cap and Retaining Ring that nobody ever uses, but there they are. I am also a hopeless gadgeteer and I have added a few custom features to this package: – CUSTOM BRAIDED NYLON PARACORD NECK STRAP: perfect size and design for this camera, very comfortable. I removed it from the camera for these photos since I could not get it to look right otherwise! – CUSTOM GRIP: I fabricated this myself because there is nothing on the market that really fits this camera correctly. This provides a positive non-slip grip while allowing easy access to camera controls. The photo is a 'selfie' of me holding it and really doesn't do justice to how comfortable it is. It is made from aluminum, brass and wood with textured rubber padding. – MODIFIED THUMB REST – OK, I started with a stock 'no-name' thumb rest that fit, but like many others out there, it put much too much strain on the hot shew. I added a brass shim spacer that take virtually all the strain off that connection and makes for an even more solid grip. These are actual un-Photoshopped photos of the camera and accessories offered here, not stock shots or anything copied from another source. Price: $550 - including shipping to Continental USA. Location: New York City
  6. X-10 vs. X-30? For years my 'carry around' camera was an X-10. My travel outfit was a pair of them and I have always been happy with the results. A couple of years ago one of then finally gave out. I tried replacing it with an X-100s, but after a year, I still don't feel comfortable with that camera and I will probably end up selling it. Anyway, my current “problem” is whether to pick up another X-10 (so I have a back-up camera for travel) or to try an X-30. Seems I get the same lens and same sensor either way and the X-30 is a bit larger and most listings are a few bucks more than for the X-10. If anyone has owned and used both, your suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Bought a second hand x-100s. No complaints. Thanks to all for the feedack!
  8. That's what I was thinking, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  9. ......at least it seems dumb, but I gotta figure it is worth asking before I do something even dumber. I recently picked up a used X-100s - It did not come with the Fuji CD. Now, according to the manual (which I do have) I should not connect the camera directly to my computer to download photos before I load in the CD. I have PS and LR. I have loaded photos from the SD card with no problem. Do I really need the CD?
  10. I went looking for a GSS Glass screen Protector for my x-100s; found lots for the 100F and 100T, but none specifically for the S. Anybody know it the screen sizes are the same on the S? Thanks!
  11. Just ordered a couple of Wasabi batteries and a charger. Thanks!
  12. I just received my “new” X-100S, purchased on eBay. Great camera in fine condition, but the Fuji CD was not included in the package. So, first off: do I need it? If so, can I download what ever I need there on line? I currently use Photoshop and Lightroom and have downloaded images from SD cards without any problem, but not directly from the camera. Also: how do I find out the current firmware in this camera? Unless I am missing something – very possible! - there doesn't seem to be anything on the camera's menu about it. Thanks!
  13. x-100s! -my thanks to all for the fine replies to this post - Most appreciated!
  14. I just picked up a nice x-100s and now I get to shop for the extra goodies. Camera came with one Fuji battery and charger, so adding to that is first on the list. I am sure there have been on after market batteries, but am curious to see what the 'latest' user info and recommendations might be here. In the past I have used a variety of brands on my DSLR's with no problems of note. I am figuring on picking up one of the combos of maybe 3 more batteries and a second charger. Any brand suggested? Or to be avoided? Thanks!
  15. I am a full time working pro, but when it comes to traveling I really don't want to carry (or be concerned with) any large, expensive camera systems. Some years ago I fell in love with the X-10, right around the time they hit the market. Since then my travel 'outfit' has consisted of 2 of them. That's it: one to carry around and one in reserve. Great little workhorses and surprisingly rugged considering the places I have carried them. And they produced fine enough quality images so that I have been able to finance most of my trips with photo sales. Anyway,(and like me), they are getting a bit worn and although they both seem to be functioning perfectly, (almost like me), I figure they are getting to the point where 'something's gotta give,' and rather than face an unexpected surprises the field, I figure it is time to consider a replacement outfit. I do like the Fuji design, so my inclination is either towards a pair of X-70's or one of the X-100's (not really sure which). I'd probably be up for saving a few $'s by buying them used. So, any suggestions?
  16. 'Like new condition':great piece of equipment with fine optics only turned out that I really did not use it so it has spent most of the time i have had it in a desk draw. Had it listed on eBay for $80 witrh no takers, so figure I'd list it here and go for best fair offer. Location is New York City.And will ship to anyplace. I will accept payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order (not other MO's). Make an offer. Thanks!
  17. ‘JAPAN OPTICS’ brand 72mm FILTERS: FLD & CPL: I have absolutely no use for these, not even sure how I came to own them and will accept any reasonable offer to get rid of them! The look to be new, or close enough to not matter. Location is New York City. Will ship to anyplace. Will accept payment via PayPal or (in USA) US Postal Money Order. Check out my eBay account under ‘meng5’ with over 400 positive feedbacks over the last dozen or so years. e-mail: paledin123@aol.com thanks!!
  18. Hoodman, Case & Necks Strap: Great accessory, really outstanding optics and I never really used it, It has been in a desk draw for most of the last year. Call it "Nearly New" condition. This is a photo of the items, not a stock shot. I am selling it now so I can buy something else I don't need. Price: $65.00 and I will cover postage to Continental USA. Please e-mail e for international shipping cost. Payment via PayPal or US Postal Money Order (Post Office MO, NOT Bank). Thanks!
  19. Hoodman loup, with Neck Strap and Case. Bought this a while ago, but never really used it. It has pretty well lived in a desk draw since I got it. It could probably pass for new, but I am calling it 'used' just so nobody gets mad at me. I am selling it now so I can buy something else I don't need. Photo is of the items, not a 'stock shot' or something copied from another source. $65.00 and it is yours! Payment by PayPal. I will cover shipping to Continental USA (via USPS or FedEx Ground) and PayPal fee. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions: paledin123@aol.com Thanks!
  20. From an estate sale, they look to be new . Marked "Japan Optics" they are a correction filter FLD" and ND filter "CPL". $35 for both including Postage to CONUS and PayPal. 5
  21. Here's something I wanted to share: recently I was about to toss out an empty bottle that once held eye drops when I noticed that the dispenser top was not actually sealed in place. A bit of gentle prying and it popped off. I rinsed it out and filed it with lens cleaner. Perfect size for travel and dispenses a small drop at a time. Hint: peel off the label or cover it with tape so's to not confuse bottles! One other note: at a PhotoExpo a few years back, there was a booth offering free lens check-up cleaning. I noticed they were using a blue lens cleaner and asked what it was: Windex! Yes, the same stuff you have been using on windows or whatever. Have been using Windex ever since on all my optics (including my eyeglasses). Just wanted to pass that on.
  22. I would recommend a great book for the X-10: “Photographer's Guide To The Fujifilm X10” by Alexander S. White. It probably has more info than you will ever need, but it will answer any questions you have. I am a working professional photographer with 40+ years in the field and I bought an X-10 a while back as a 'carrying around camera.' Ended up with 2 of them and have carried them as my travel outfit ever since. Even managed to pay for a few vacations with the photos I shot. Anyway, I picked up a copy of that book on eBay for a nominal amount. Turned out to be a great investment and it allowed me to get lots more out of this camera than I probably ever would. Good Luck!
  23. Make a reasonable offer and take one - or both home! Will also consider swap for something you don't need! I am Spring Cleaning and would love to get rid of these items so I can go buy something else I don't need. Preferably something lots smaller! Makjestic Tripod: here is chance to get one of the best studio tripods ever made. It is absolutely rock solid and will hold the largest camera - along with a baby elephant. I used one for year with an 8x10 Deardorf. Tripod is actually made in America by a company that is still turning them out. 'Zero' Halliburton Case: The strongest and best protection for you gear. Size is around 26" x 18" x 10" New ones are currently selling for over $400! Note that location is New York City - Greenwich Village. Local pick up only, no shipping. Interested? I have a few snapshots to send. Thanks!
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