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  1. Wah Fu Estate of Hong Kong
  2. Landing or taking off ?
  3. Tiny little blue dragon fly
  4. seeing all these threads about the built of the GFX50R etc made me wonder if i at least should get a half case that looks descent and is intuitive enough for practicality. In my opinion, it improved handling and gave some additional protection is my main concern. Don’t like those with metal plate at the bottom, it’s not what a leather case should have. Any suggestions ?
  5. Spring in Japan
  6. kyushu - fukuoka
  7. I'm looking at trading in my XT2 for the GFX50R and am wondering about the lens lineup as I dig deeper into the Fuji system. I definitely want the GF63 mm, may be it is a pretty good kit lens.Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Night and day in Kyushu Japan
  9. Sunrise in Taiwan
  10. My favorite celebrities in Hong Kong
  11. Thanks for the sharing ! I have the same issue before !
  12. I like to use hood, simply it looks more cool. I've got a leather case with extra space for the lens hood so its quite handy for me.
  13. The X30 size is different , this is why many supplier develop a separate case for x30. If you want to buy x30 case, you can google ciesta, TP , KAZA, gariz etc.....
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