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  1. I also have a Ricoh GRii. No problem with the dust thing. I bought a filter holder plus filter of course. Not a sign of dust. Images with the Ricoh razor sharp. I think equal if not better than the the fuji if comparing with the X100 series.
  2. kiwiana

    A proper retailer-Use it or lose it.

    I have been using B&H fora few years now. I have always found them very obliging and knowledgable. You can use their chat service you know! I think just sometimes there are two sides to most stories. Same across the ditch here Rob, plenty of immigrants, but that's OK as long as they behave themselves whilst here. I do find they have good photographic knowledge.
  3. kiwiana

    DSCF6445-001.JPG - Pat Handley

    Great portrait and great lighting. I thought excellent lighting was a thing off the past. Well done. It's such a shame that most forum members on this site do not comment on photos in the Gallery. Both good and bad points. It's what it is all about. That's how we learn. Perhaps the majority do not know a great photo when they see one. I, myself think a lot of photographers are too hung up on gear. Cameras are for taking photos you know! Food for thought though. Think about it.
  4. kiwiana


    This is how some people see the world after a heavy day of boozing!
  5. For a macro lens you don't need auto focusing. I do quite a bit of macro photography and use completely manual lenses. Focusing and aperture are set by myself. You see you need to get by with the smallest aperture possible to get the greater depth of field. It really is the best way for macro photography.
  6. I think I will use what I have. A Nikon 105 F2.8 Micro and a Nikon Nikkor 55mm F3.5, the latter being the sharpest in the Macro by a bull's roar. Great glass too and plenty of it. Probaly the Fuji will be good too, but way too expensive at this stage. The Tokina 100mm and the Tamron are also up there. Reasonable on Ebay. I am not really a brand sort of person. I buy what suits me and my budget. Just bought a Ricoh GRii camera. Would blow Fuji out of the water when you compare say X100 series for sharpness, just fantastic. Just my two bobs worth that's all. Enjoy your photography!!!
  7. kiwiana


  8. Thought the forum may like to see these. Sorry, this lot were not taken with a Fujifilm camera. I have two. These were taken with the Ricoh GRii. A real pocket rocket and the 28mm is razor sharp. I have a new love in my life. These shots were taken in New Plymouth, Taranaki, West Coast , North Island ,New Zealand.
  9. kiwiana

    House 1

    Gee, I just think your lawns may need mowing. Yes I do like the photos of the old buildings too. Going down to the local village this morning hoping to get some black and white photos of the early colonial buildings, plenty in this area. Hope it stops raining though. Thanks Rob!
  10. Nah! Just not good enough. Make sure that Fuji replaces this one. If they don't get on to these Fuji forums and let the world know!
  11. To Artuk. Yes I can certainly see that these were NOT taken on a Fuji Camera. You said that they were taken on a Sony A711 camera and that is where the difference lies!. What I merely said that these were superior and it shows. The A711 is a Full Frame, and the Fujis are a cropped sensor( Are'nt they?) Take compliments in the spirit they were given, not a post mortem. Thanks!
  12. kiwiana

    Owl caught by 50-140

    A Morepork or German Owl?
  13. Hi artuk. Really like your selection of photos. You can see they were not taken on a Fujifilm camera. I like the rendering of these photos very much. It's got me thinking! They are really really good. Thanks.