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  1. Rob_E1112

    Firmware v3

    Will try that as I usually work on about three from the smallest size with single point, even had some luck tracking someone in quite poor lighting and did'nt expect it to work, but was a bit unpredictable and while it held focus was very good. Zone was also unpredictable but do prefer single point and spot metering. Trouble is most people who do a lot of these You Tubes seem to be out in nice contrasty weather that any modern camera should have no difficulty focusing, but in the real world the sort of lighting and subject matter that you and I probably use is a long way from their test conditions. Will give it a try, thanks.
  2. Rob_E1112

    Firmware v3

    Yes, I agree with you over twice as fast claim, that is the You Tube I think I watched. Any Focus Acquisition improvement has certainly got to be a good thing and this is the main problem with the Fuji AF system. I shoot a lot in low light music clubs so my iso is usually 6400 or 12800 and thats fine, but the lack of Focus Acquisition speed is real pain. The moments happen so fast but the keeper rate is low usually because of the lack of certainty about "was it in focus" and until its on the computer screen its hard to tell so makes post processing a slow game. My Canon 7d mkii is fine and seems to cope well so may be in use instead of, but hoping when my xt2 comes back from Fuji, focus will show an improvement with v3 firmware.
  3. Rob_E1112

    Firmware v3

    Hi Lumens, this all sounds very positive. Blinkies sounds good and I like your comment about your over exposed flower shots as I find my XT1 and XT2 run about 2/3rds under exposed anyway so I just allow for this in the final exposure adjustments. Larger histogram I can live with that, were you shooting in zone or wide tracking AF and has the improvment affected the single point tracking? Seemed strange that since the firmware v3 was released there is almost no comments around as usually there are endless You Tube and Forums drooling or complaining about something. Thanks for a positive reply. Rob
  4. Just looking to find comments from any who updated their XT2 to firmware v3. Seems to almost no comments about the faster AF, my XT2 has had to be sent back to Fuji for repair. Interested to hear about others experiences.
  5. Rob_E1112

    xt1 d pad

    Thanks veejaycee, I did get it sorted. I needed it for a gig last night and was suprised how old it felt compared to my xt2!...but how useful it is to have the iso on the front, now I can leave my shutter speed and aperture set and just turn the iso up and down with the lighting. Good move by Fuji. Thanks again, and to Christopher.
  6. Forgot how to set up the xt1 d pad to move my af point. help please...thanks.
  7. Rob_E1112

    XT-1 AF on v4.00 not working.

    Hi Sorry ignore my last post, just found solution, use CL to show 77 and 49 points and CH for just the centre points phase focusing . Sorry for time waste, they say you have to make mistake in order to solve problems.
  8. Help needed with the new AF firmware. What have I missed, when I first installed the new v4 firmware I could select the focus box and move it around in the 77 point focus area using the AF-C + Zone in continuouse or single mode. Now it only shows up if I set the AF selector on the front of the camera to S and as soon as I switch back to C the 5x3 box jumps back to the centre of the viewfinder ( I can change from 3x3 or 5x3) and the AF-C + Single Point will do the same. So at this stage I can,t get the 77 or 49 point screen to display in C only in S, and in S I can set the box where I want to use it switch back to C and it reverts to the centre of the frame. Normally I only ever use the single point and move it about, but with Zone and Wide/Tracking now available its got to be worth a try, but as things are its seems nothing is working correctly, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Has anyone out there found a way yet of keeping the iso dial (xt-1) unlocked? Dont want to damage the camera, but tried all sorts of non permanant fixings but they just won't hold it down!
  10. Many thanks Christopher for the info,have been in hospital and just got back on line Rob
  11. Can the spot metering be linked to the single point AF mode using any of the 49 or 9 point grid pattern with HS drive and AF-C? My Canon 5D mkIII does in AI Servo mode with AF point in Evaluative mode metering, but the spot metering stays fixed in the centre. Any thoughts on this?
  12. It might seem from my comments(this and other comments) that I am unhappy with my XT-1 but far from it, I really want this camera to work for me. The size and weight are great and the lens quality in low light is fantastic but the focusing really bugs me, but as has already been said when it hits target its brilliant. When I first got hold of the X Pro most people didn't understand why I wouldn't trade it back in for a "proper camera", but what a great camera that is and this really works for me. The OVF is fantastic but it just takes time to understand it's quirks. I did read some where that using it for gig photography that they had found that about 5% of shots were out of focus 20% focus struggled a little and 75% were in focus but the were also full time users of Canon (full frame) which gave more or less the same results which I thought was pretty good comparison. Rob
  13. I have what sounds something like the problems you have,and I think it could be to do with the EVF. Mine does the same but I call it "bleach out" when the autofocus starts hunting and won't lock on. Which makes me think that the suface its trying to focus on is to bright or lacking contrast. I shoot small venue gigs and have found that skin under spot lights seems to cause this problem which means loosing shots. I also shoot with spots coming straight at the lens for effects and get great in focus images, but not being technical thats all I can think it may be. May be its a trade off using EVFs in general, any tech guys out there got answers? Rov
  14. More data please, I found my 50-140mm/XT1 combo in gig situations is not that good certainly for on stage action. In a small club on Saturday I was shooting 50s rock n roll and the camera had no chance with the real action shots. My setting as usual were 6400iso at f2.8 and 1/250 max shutter speed with CL drive missed loads of "in focus" shots and many times it just hunted trying to focus on an active lead singer. Continuous focus was useles and went back to Single focus mode. Switched over to a Fish eye lens in the end and saved the day. I think the quality of the lens in the right conditions is brilliant, but for me the focusing is just not up to it. Now considering a swop to Canon. Rob
  15. Rob_E1112

    Problem with the XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R

    My early results working at small club gigs with my 50-140mm at 2.8 and shooting at 6400iso between 1/125 and 1/250 are not what I expected. Focus in continuous mode is very hit and miss and bleach out view finder is a real pain, anybody out there doing music photography, at the moment (and maybe I will find a way round capturing moving subjects in focus)a full frame nikon and 70-200 f2.8 could be a possible next move. Any one in this situation out there or working in music photography has found a working answer,I dont want to change systems but.