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  1. Veejaycee... Many thanks for this. Good advice. I will look into the cards you suggest. Again, my thanks. Adrian H
  2. I have just bought an xPro-2. Any advice on SD cards would be appreciated. I don't do a lot of video but would like to have a reasonably good video capability. While pleased with the camera I will have to send it back shortly to Fujifilm UK as I'm getting 'Turn off the camera and turn on again' warning. I've updated to the latest version. A bit of frustration. But a beautiful camera.
  3. I’ve had this camera about a year. Some thoughts so far. Pretty good but the X30 is a camera that takes time to get to know. For the first few months I was less than happy with the jpeg sharpness. Loved the colours, but things always seemed a little soft. Small things annoyed, not helped by the inadequate online manual: the X30’s flash rarely seemed to fire when I expected; occasionally the EVF went haywire, super-magnifying the screen. Recently the white timer light stopped working, then decided to get its act together and function again. Twice the control ring has given up completely. (I worry about the reliability of the X30’s electronics slightly, long term.) More gripes: I dislike the Velvia film simulation. ‘Hard’ unrealistic colours. Not that keen on Classic Chrome either. Provia and Astia do me fine. All is forgiven when I whip it out. Just the right size and weight. Perfect in the hand ( I recently nearly convinced myself I wanted an X-T1 but couldn’t believe its enormous size when I picked one up at a retailer - the lust drained away). I’m increasingly using the b/w Monochrome + G filter and getting nice results. Still haven’t got my head around the manual focus mode yet. I don’t look at the X100/S/T etc with envy. I need a zoom and the x100 is too compromised in that sense. The X100 is bigger and overly-retro to my taste (not to mention £££). The x30 is that bit more discreet, especially in black. Just hope the Made-in-China electronics keep going.
  4. I am making progress thanks to jcx's advice. I haven't quite managed a RAW setting on the pre-program C1-7 settings but I have...the weekend ahead. Thanks for everyone's help and advice. My brain has stopped hurting.
  5. Wow. That's a breakthrough, jcx. I'll look into this over the weekend. Maybe those Fujiguys aren't so cretinous after all. Again, thanks. Adrian
  6. Guys... Thanks for your replies. I repeat, I have no C1, C2 or C3. You have these options. The lower end X30 makes do with...a bunch of icons that don't do a whole lot and a menu system immune from logic or user-helpfullness. I take K1w!_Mk2's point about it just being, supposedly, simple. But programming this 'simplicity'.... Blimey.
  7. Thanks artuk. You've got it. I'm not interested in the processing grind. I do have Elements 9 but for some reason there's compatibility issues. I need a quick sprinkle of fairy dust, not a BA in digital media post-production.
  8. Thanks for these replies. I have just re-discovered the Silky Pix software on my iMac so may dig it out, when I've gathered my forces to read what looks like a 700-page PDF Help document. All I want to do is take a raw file pic, stick it on my desktop and have a piece of software do the magic. I fear I will be trying to understand deathless technical author prose deep into the night...Unless some kind person can write me the briefest of how-to's. Say, under 150 words? Over to you guys... :> PS: Just realised the above post is 90 words... So make it under 100, please, if willing! 50 words would be even better - a masterpiece of brevity and compression.
  9. Thanks for these replies, particularly jcx's efforts. I'm close to giving up. The X30's Q Menu is, i conclude, BRAINLESS. No intuition. No forethought. Designed by some geeky idiot under pressure from Marketing to give them a bit of 'something new'. Unless someone, ideally another x30 user, can illuminate, I'm done. Well done Fujifilm. Your Q Menu is just geek overkill s**t. Someone, please, prove me wrong!
  10. Thanks for your words, jcx. Appreciated. I understand the theory. In practice, I cannot set up multiple, for example, Film Simulation (FS) modes. If I go into FS, I'm only allowed Provia. Or Astia. Or Velvia. Or... Sepia. I can't set up MULTIPLE options simultaneously. Extend this difficulty across all the sub menus and the Q menu just seems crashingly rigid. I also have no C1 (or C2, C3) buttons on the X30. Just 16 boxes, Flash Mode, Self-Timer, Photometry, etc, etc. All in, a rather slow-witted exercise in selecting just one option! The hope was that I could customise each option to include a spread of settings - and that it would remember the darn thing each time I choose to access Q! Golly, I sound quite demanding, but I don't think unreasonable. Best wishes, Adrian
  11. Thanks for the above, Viv and John. For the time being I'm sticking with JPEGS. Haven't had time/energy to have another stab at going RAW...yet. Apologies for v.late reply. Family pressures!
  12. Thanks, all, for the above. Haven't had any time to do any more on the raw conversion issue/software. Hope to do so in the next week or so. Again, thanks for your thoughts; will report back in due course. Adrian
  13. Hello Veejaycee. You may need to take a deep breath. I have spent the last 20-25 years without touching a camera, properly. I do not include a Lumix FZ18 that left me cold. My last proper camera was a 1987 FM2. I saw the X30 and sort of swooned. I have no kids that can tell me new stuff. I'm learning this new digital stuff afresh. I know of no other way to transfer images to my Mac other than via a USB cable. As to your question... I have PhotoElements 9, Silkypix, and about five USB cables, of varying vintage. And I have an iMac, circa 2012 running Yosemite. I would like to open Silkypix if I can get the damn thing to recognise any of the Raw files on my X30. Any of the above helpful? Adrian
  14. Oh, and I downloaded Darktable but it started opening other applications and seemed to have a mind of its own. Binned.
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