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  1. I've tried all of my suite of X series lenses except the 100-400 and the 50-140. So that's the 35mm, 60mm, 16-55 and 10-24. I think I'm finding the last-named the one where hotspots appear less frequently than the others. But none are hot-spot free. Which do you find works for you Vic? Sorry, I've taken this thread a bit off topic. Regards Chris
  2. Hello Vic Thank you for responding. The images I had in mind were some I took at night in Bath a year or so ago. I recall that it was dark but there was some overhead street lighting above and behind me. Searching my archive reveals that I must have deleted them as being no good for my picture library purposes. Next time I'll try a black cloth over the top and back of the camera during exposure as you suggest. For the converted XE1, I think I was confusing my IR sensor hotspot problem with the extraneous light issue. Chris
  3. I wonder if anyone has come across viewfinder covers for X series cameras? I know there is lots of advice that mirrorless cameras don't have a light path to their sensors through the viewfinder but I've had bad experiences using my XT2 for long exposure night images and with my converted XE1 for infra-red. Somehow unwanted light is getting on to the images in both cases.
  4. I agree with the above. My experience of the 16-55 has been exactly as Vic says. It remains firmly fixed to my X-T2 most of the time. I've found it every bit as good as the Nikkor 24-70 that it replaced when I changed over from Nikon to Fuji. Now and then I put the 35mm or the 60mm on just for the joy of using small and light lenses with such good performance.
  5. Thank you Vic. Fascinating. I'm most grateful for the insights.
  6. I like this image Vic. Could you add a brief word about exposure and processing info?
  7. I did a trip abroad recently and took an X100T and an X-T2 with 60mm and 35mm lenses. I found it very compact (easily in Billingham cabin bag). The combination covered all of my needs for library images and family stuff.
  8. I enjoyed reading about your progression with the X series Rob. Mine was similar. I started with an XPro1 (which I still have), moved on to an XT1and eventually to an XT2 which I find to be exactly right for my needs, performs brilliantly and handles so well even with a heavy lens attached. Like you somewhere along the way I fell for an X100 (a T). Which now goes just about everywhere with me. For a lengthy trip to Malta a couple of years ago I took the XT2 and the X100T. Dont remember which lenses. Attached image I see was with the 60mm. I probably had the 16-55 and the 50-140 too. The kit was light enough and compact enough to fit in hand luggage and did everything I wanted in Malta.
  9. I have to agree with Vic. I, too, have a 16-55 attached to an X-T2 which is my preferred combination for much of what I do - especially street/stock photography. It is a heavy lens and rather bulky but not nearly as weighty as the 24-70 Nikkor on a full frame Nikon which were my go-to options until I switched to the X-series. I've found it's a lens that easily matches its Nikkor equivalent in image quality.
  10. My three-year old Nissin i40 unit has suddenly stopped powering up. The UK distributor tells me that such a fault would cost more or as much to repair as replacing it. I do find a small unit like the i40 very useful and am thinking of buying another but have read about the similar, slightly more powerful Metz M400. I wonder if anyone has experience of using the Metz?
  11. Stunning images Vic. I see what you mean about the 14mm. I've found the notorious hotspot issue with most of my Fujinon lenses. The 10-24mm seems OK (just).
  12. I used IR filters on the lens for a while having used Kodak IR film with 35mm cameras some years ago. But I now use a converted XE1 for IR photography too. I bought the used camera for £200 I think but paid rather more than Vic to have it converted in the UK (about £300 as I recall). I enjoy the results - although have yet to achieve the high standards of the lovely images in Vic's gallery. This crumbling tower was in the dead cities of Syria probably taken with a Nikon on IR film and scanned. If only I'd had my converted XE1 for that trip. Chris
  13. I'm hoping that iShoot will produce one. I've used them on all my Fufis so far - they allow portrait format mounting on a tripod along the centre line rather than off to one side. A little more stable, especially when using a light travel tripod.
  14. I use the Q button often on all four of my cameras (XE1,XT2,XPro1 and X100T). I do find that I sometimes press it accidentally when using the X100T in portrait format. I've read somewhere that a thumb rest can help to prevent this.
  15. Thank you all for these helpful observations. I do wear reading glasses Vic which I've been using to double-up for screen work. The simple test of leaning closer to the screen does reveal the RAW as less fuzzy to my eye on my iMac. I'm starting to feel the same about the 16-55 Christopher. The problem I'm struggling with, though, is that I do like the range of that lens (nicely replacing a 24-70 Nikkor in full frame Nikon days) and it seemed fine to me on my X-T1. As it does, by the way, on my XPro1). All of which does rather confirm some of the comments above. That said, I'm much enjoying the speed and agility of the X-T2. I'm grateful for the time and trouble people have taken to look at this for me.
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