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  1. Just bought used xpro1 (fab!) which has software version 3.41. To upgrade to latest version, 3.61, do I need to go through loading the versions in between, i.e. V3.5 then V3.6 and then V3.61. Thanks.
  2. Have had xt1 for a few years and now never use AF on any nature or landscape shots. I quickly discovered how temperamental the AF was with these genres and stopped using it. Does not bother me. I bought Fuji for quality build, size, ergonomics, design (top plate dials) and lens quality and the options for simplicity. Am an old fusty and so content with manual speed, aperture, ISO, a histogram and manual focus. Generally when shooting landscape one is not in a 'quick-grab-it' situation indeed just how often is one in that situation regardless of genre. To focus manually takes but a couple of seconds and with the zoom-in facility when touching the focus ring you have got nailed. Generally I have a deep mistrust of auto this and that when taking a photo preferring to make my own decisions. The last decades have seen manufacturers adding new electronic gadgets every year, most of which one need not use and often never use, to sell new models and have pushed complex electionics to fragile limits. However when taking street or family shots I have found AF more reliable.
  3. Useful for those new to the X system but the tip re 'T' setting is vg for everyone. I won't blow it for him by telling but you have to register your email with him and receive his newsletters to get it.
  4. Hello Gryphon, here is a USA text I found, how of us many could do that nowadays - and with no mistakes ! Still have a wedding present fountain pen and love it and use it. years ago, too many, on starting work in a studio the photographer told me to use a camera like a pen. "You don't look at a pen when you write, you look at the page. So with a camera train for it to be an extension of your hand and look at what you are photographing". Admittedly in those days he did not have the choices of variable iOS, NR, DR, auto this and not that etc for each shot but I still think this principal is right.
  5. Custy


    Hello Lansky, apologies for the typo with your name before. Thanks for your reply. In 'trees-6' I see the same problem as I had with blue color shift in branch details ( top of tree and on horizon trees). Morphene gave me good tips in 'blue fringing problem' on site main page. Like your ' face of the tree spirits' in trees-2. I have a few. Will upload soon. cheers
  6. Custy


    Hello Lansy, i see in the exif that many of your excellent landscapes are shot wide open. Is this because it is the sweet spot or otherwise? You have achieved a large depth of field which seems surprising with the lens wide open. How did you do that ? regards
  7. Thanks morphene That works well. Luckily it is winter so the WB change giving the branches a brown hue works well. Too fidelley to only go between the twigs. Below is the result plus the orig. Also a 100% treated in Capture1 with their defringe (much better than Lr !!) and pulling back the blues a bit. Not a great shot anyway and thanks for the lesson. I was with a friend with his beloved Rollicord on a walk-about shoot for him to see just how good digital is nowadays, especially Fuji - embarassing! Have to say I am using Capture 1 more and more now and use Lr only as a library - and - I don't appreciate their standing order policy. How much will it be per year in the future? I think the bean counters have taken over Adobe.
  8. Hi veejaycee, Thanks for your reply. I used the fuji 18-55 kit zoom. Tried Lr but it doesn't do much, used 'Lens Correction/Colour/Defringe/Chromatic abberation. I also have capture 1 so will try that but it is such a huge fringe aberation I doubt it will be much better. I wonder if a better camera/exposure setting would have helped.
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