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  1. It has worked I reset the camera to default (this time also the shooting settings) and it worked Probably it's the burst mode that I somehow activated that inhibits the flash Thanks to everyone for the prompt support. >-
  2. Thanks, but this isn't the problem. I've checked this but it's ok. I've tried to reset the setup but again this hasn't solved. I haven't tried to upgrade the firmware because it does fix another kind of problem but maybe I can give it a try. Is it possible to opena ticket with Fuji? I'm new with this brand so I don't know how this kind of things wors.
  3. I've just bought a x30 but I'm not able to make the flash works. No matter which mode is selected, the flash is always suppressed. I've tried either the right selector and the flash setup in shooting menù, and I can access only the compensation but not the mode that is always, as said,suppressed. Is my camera faulty or is it a general issue?
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