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  1. Ah. I always remove this ring on unpacking the camera in order to attach a lens hood. I am pretty sure I still have the 3 rings for my 3 X100 models in some box. Give me one. Please?
  2. What's a trim ring? It's the ring that you unscrew from the X100's lens to attach a filter adapter and/or lens hood.
  3. Strange. I don't recall camera forums being flooded with complaints and people loosing the trim ring. You must be the welcoming party.
  4. Everyone's complaining (myself included) that Fuji doesn't offer a replacement to that dang front-ring a.k.a trim-ring that we all end up losing. Well, I found a solution and many of you probably won't like it. Fujifilm sells the part for $19.58USD The part number is #BB25539-100 Just call 1-800-800-3854 and dial 3 to purchase digital camera parts. It's available in black and silver for the X100, X100S, and X100T cameras. So, there you have it. 20 bucks for a silly metal ring. JJC, are you reading this? Here's your chance to cut in with a cheaper alternative.
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