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  1. Thanks, if you get a chance to look at it, let me know what you find out. I have narrowed it down a little: PPE remains OFF -- UNLESS I choose a custom set in the Q Menu and then go to the Menu to check the PPE setting. (I only use two C sets, C1 and C2, but this happens even if I select, say, C6, which I have not changed from the default.) For example, I set PPE to OFF. I take pictures, turn camera on and off, change film simulation, etc. PPE is still OFF. I go to the Q Menu and select any of the C sets. PPE is still OFF. Then I go to the Menu to double check the PPE setting and doing so resets it to ON. Very strange. I am not sure how much time I am going to spend on this.
  2. My X30 has "Forced Flash" in the flash menu, right between "Auto" and "Slow Synchro." For fill-in flash, select Forced Flash and adjust the flash power accordingly.
  3. And post your questions/discoveries here, to help other X30 owners like me. I've had my X30 a couple months now, my first Fuji camera, and I am still baffled/confused/surprised at times.
  4. Let me be more specific, based on an entire week (!!) of shooting the X30, mostly outside on bright cloudless days -- I had no trouble whatsoever seeing the image in the EVF or the displays of shooting info, including the framing grid and the level. I don't think I'll ever go back to shooting with the rear LCD, or even an optical viewfinder, it's that good.
  5. I have a X30 rather than a X20, but this is very helpful, thanks. I usually shoot P Mode and use program shift if necessary (i.e., the f/stop is too small leading to diffraction problems), but I notice that program shift is disabled if DR is set to Auto. Any idea why?
  6. Yes. I was shooting with an Olympus XZ-2 but got a X30 about a week ago, and one of the main reasons was the EVF. I've been out in very bright sunlight and can say that the EVF is a joy to use! I had forgotten how nice it is to shoot with a viewfinder rather than the rear LCD.
  7. I understand exactly what you mean, and agree with you. My new X30 operates the same way. It would be great to be able to dedicate the EVF to shooting and the LCD to playback and changing settings via the Q Menu or regular menus. I like the camera so far (this is my first Fuji camera), but it does take a while getting used to the Fuji way of doing things.
  8. This question applies to my X30, but I think the issue may also apply to other X cameras. When I set PREVIEW PIC EFFECT to OFF, it won't stay off. I will take a shot or two, perhaps change film simulation mode, and it is back to ON. I doubt I will use this setting much, if ever, but I would like to learn more about how the Fuji OS works, how the pieces fit together. I suspect there is some other setting that is forcing PREVIEW PIC EFFECT to ON, but what could it be? The manual is of no help whatsoever, of course. TIA for help and suggestions.
  9. I like my new X30 but I am still trying to understand how certain things work. In this case, Auto ISO. Auto ISO includes three possible ranges, which I find quite helpful. The default values are 100-800, 100-1600, and 100-3200. I assumed that these are global settings. In other words, if I change the defaults, the values would be changed for any custom settings that use Auto ISO. But I was wrong. E.g., I set C1 custom to use Auto1 ISO. When dialing in C1, therefore, the camera will select a value between 100 and 800. If I turn on the camera and am in BASE, and then decide to change Auto1 values to 100-400, that change is not reflected in the C1 settings. If I dial in C1, it still says Auto1 100-800. Every custom setting has its own set of values for Auto 1, 2, and 3. Is this the way it's supposed to be? Is there any way I can make a global change so that no matter what I select, Auto 1 will always be 100-400? Hope I have explained this clearly. It's very perplexing. Thanks for any tips.
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