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  1. I realize the 100T is not really pocketable either although I can carry it around in the large pockets of my winter jacket. I read the fuji vs fuji article and some good points were made... the XE-2 does look a bit unbalanced with the 23. I believe the barrel distortion of the 100T/23 can be fixed in processing and even the clarity can be brought out to a degree... I believe the article may have helped ... thanks
  2. The latest version of Raw Therapee for processing RAF version blew me away. The photo looks like it came out of a popup book after processing
  3. Yep - evf was fine then I moved the lever back again hoping to see a full unobstructed OVF view but the shutter stuck again halfway and my view again was half blocked... tried this several times but always the same result.. So it was useless in OVF mode. I opted to get a refund rather than an exchange not knowing whether this was an inherent fault in the camera and could happen again with another X100T later down the line. Later, I came across a discussion on the net about this very same problem with the view finder shutter getting stuck in the X100 model. Now I'm wondering how many others may have had this same problem occur in the X100T.
  4. This is a hard choice for me, I like the pocketability of the X100T but how does it compare otherwise with the XE-2 with the 23/1.4 lens? Would the IQ be superior - How do the 2 lenses compare? I think I might give up the OVF feature and the fact I can stick it in my pocket if it was a no contest. could change lenses to boot.
  5. Dilemma city -I have a X100T on spec for a few days and love it.. I have a pentax DSLR with 31mm 1.4 but need a good street camera and the X100T is ideal now if I could only change lenses that would make it perrrfect. So I came up with the XE-2 with 35mm f1.4 combo... I havent held one in my hand yet...the 35mm is quite a bit sharper from what Ive read. Does anyone have any opnions feature for feature and with the 35mm on the XE-2, which camera might make the more desirable street camera..... which one would you choose..... On the Fence
  6. I've had my X100T for 15 days and got to know it quite well, I just finished taking a photo and went to snap another and was surprised to find the optical view finder half blocked. The upper part showed the image I was looking at but the lower half was black. I looked at the front of the viewfinder and it had a black piece of something covering the inside of the view finder. Since I had just snapped a photo and no problems and quickly went to snap another and then the problem - I'm thinking a problem with the camera. So I returned it for a refund but may buy another if I can find out in the meantime if anyone else knows of such a problem.Loved the camera when I had it.
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