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  1. I had the same experience recently. Also found out (to my embarrassment) that the front switch had gone to "c" when up or down in my bag, hehe.
  2. Hi everyone! I've got this problem with my X-H1 constantly changing card slots. I've set 1 to photo and 2 for video. Dozens of times now. But, every so often when I come back from a shoot, all my pics are on card slot 2 just the same (almost never shoot video anyway). Not a life-changing problem, but super irritating just the same. Anyone else experienced this? Remedy, something I might be doing wrong? Cheers, O.
  3. Hiya everyone! So here's a thing I wonder if you lot have experienced: just got the Fujifilm SP-3 (square) printer. Great little gadget. HOWEVER, when I try to print one photo split up into two (in the template section) MY own photos taken with Fujifilm-cameras come out completely useless, i.e. they are turned the wrong way, upside down, don't match AT ALL. BUT: when I try the same with a photo downloaded from, say, Instagram, it works just as it should: the beach is split up into two horizontal parts, the standing woman in two vertical, etc. I find this so WEIRD! Anyone have this experience, or even better, a solution? Cheers, O.
  4. Hiya, Just got my Samyang 8mm for the x-t2. Nothing happening. Can't take pictures. Anyone help me? Please? xxx o.
  5. Hi all, I have two questions for you today. 1. The Fujifilm cameras I use (and love) are the X-T2 & Fujifilm X100F. However, with both I experience the same infuriating issue: hooking up wirelessly with my smartphone. It takes FOREVER, and 50% of the time does not connect at all. It's driving me nuts. With my Olympus & Leica, in seconds I'm connected, EVERY TIME. Has anyone got the "golden trick" for what sequence to go with hooking up Fujifilm cameras with smartphones? (I've tried starting the smartphone first and then the camera(s) and vice versa , but can't see that that makes any difference...) BTW, my Smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 2. This pertains the X-T2: I have a recurring issue with the card-slot sequencing. I've set the camera up for slot 1 images and 2 film. But the camera constantly switches this around, so I come home with all my images on "card nr 2" and not the one designated in card slot 1. Why is this? I (to my knowledge) have not pressed any buttons to change anything (why would I). This happen to you guys? FIXED. Thanks a lot, stay safe, cheers, Ola
  6. Hi all, I usually have my XT-2 set to MS+ES (in case of lots of sun, e.g.) However, later this week I'm going to shoot a workshop where there'll be readings, so will have to set the camera to ES to operate as silently as possible (the focusing motor on the XF56 mm can't be helped, of course). Any thoughts/advice/caveats when taking candid portraits with Electronic Shutter alone? Cheers, O.
  7. Thanks guys! This has been very instructive for me. What do you recommend the best DR setting to be? 100% Cheers, o. Yeah, sorry maybe I said it wrong. Default was at 200. MAX was at 12800 ISO. (Have changed this down to 6400). o.
  8. Hello everyone. Just came back from a trip, and going thru my images taken with the X100F I was very surprised by some of the Auto ISO values it had chosen! I almost always have ISO set to Auto, with a default sensitivity of 200 (natch) and a max of 12800, for night shooting. HOWEVER - the camera has repeatedly chosen the highest ISO setting possible, 12800, in broad daylight. Yes, indoors, but in windows with sunlight, and brightly-lit rooms with natural light. This is very confusing to me as there is absolutely no need for the camera to chose more than, say max 800 ISO in these situations. Well, I'm going to set it to "AUTO 2" more often, same default, but 6800 Max. Just curious what you make of this conundrum? Cheers, O. ps. Attached image is just by a window in sunlight - the camera chose ISO 12800!
  9. Thanks, I think you're right on the money. I just have to fiddle around with it some more to get the hang of it! Appreciate the time and effort in replying, o.
  10. Hi all, I've been playing around with my new X100F the last week, and loving it to bits. Coming from the X-T2 (and X70) it's not hard to get to grips with, and it's a might little machine! However: new to me is the ND on/off switch. I truly don't get this function. I'm often using the physical 3 (5) stop EV compensation wheel on top of the cameras, but cannot see any difference in the images when the ND filter in the X100F is on or off. Also, no clips or info on the topic, (that I can find) is available online... Any helpful hints or tips? Cheers, o.
  11. Thank you all for your time and effort to help me around this tiny hurdle! What I do for the time being is "edit" in camera (delete all the images I'm sure won't work) and then importing and "select all" and then deleting those that STILL don't work in LR develop module. But will have to, soon, find a better solution. You've all given me some pretty good ideas how! Thanks again, o.
  12. Strange thing is: Olympus, Leica, Fujifilm X70, all files import "normally" - except the ones from X-T2 ?
  13. I just updated it with the help of Adobe tech people. Will have to check the version it is at now though, Thanks for feedback. o.
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