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  1. Here too, however less taboo for old folk. I am long enough of tooth to only get eye-rolls instead of snickers and finger pointing.
  2. Well I know it's bad form to reply to your own post. But I have three ideas, 1.) the exposure is muddy, 2.) feet aren't suppose to be on a wall, 3.) plus the decking lines are canted.
  3. old_school


    Why do I get whoosy when I look at this?
  4. Can Fuji beat this Lumix? Reviews complain -somewhat- about image quality and slow f stops due to engineering constraints of the 10x lens. DMC-ZS100 Fuji could make a 5x (24mm to 120mm) or 4x (24mm to 96mm) with faster lens and better IQ on a 1 inch sensor? I do not need or want a 10x lens. My piggy bank is rolled up, counted and waiting for Fuji to make the jump... I'll bite if it has workable view finder. Is this pointless or is it worth Fuji's time? Would this be useful beyond P&S? Back up camera? I don't know, I'm just a snapshot guy. Thoughts...
  5. Hi: http://www.ronmartblog.com This fellow has interesting write ups for each camera which might be helpful. Maybe fuji is comong out with a replacement for the X30 soon, eh? What would you like to see on the X10.4?
  6. Enjoyed your write up very much. I came away with one thought, to bad you're left eyed!
  7. Noob, lurker here, so take it FWIW. Definately should have winners, top 3. I’d really like to know what is considered pick of the litter. Subscribers can vote anonymously for the photos they like. Surely we're adult enough to handle this, eh? If it ends up being the same folks over and over, well that says something doesn't it. WE love their photos. Great idea, duration should be two or three weeks. New photos only, no sorting through portfolio for old goodies.
  8. I'm not a photographer at all, I take pictures... I like your work, I like the interpretations. I love the in your face of each beauty you posted. For example, "Not only am I a Chevelle, but I'm a Beautiful, Black, Perfect, Big Block 396 SS Ground Pounding Goddess". Sweet! Same with the T-Bird. I find myself conflicted between love of the sexiness of vintage cars and documenting an attendance. In other words highlights your selection to illustrate vs the totality of the builders efforts. I appreciate your feelings and photos on your decisions but am left asking for the totality. Probably only because I love cars and I love to wrench on cars. I have no answer to this, I'm not a photographer. I have only one thing to say that I hope is helpful. The '40 Ford is wonderful. I would've liked to see the lovely curves illustrated a bit more.
  9. artuk: A flat out 'deal breaker' for me is no finder. Coming from my favorite camera a Rollei 35SE I find an LCD pretty much useless other than for basic setting info and playback chores. The limitations of an LCD preclude it from being the soul source of composition. In fact after owning it a week the LCD is set on 'info' for most settings and -5 for my indoor setting as the OVF is always at the ready and doesn't tax the battery. Sure it's only 85% FOV but it's taken into account when composing then, eh?. One last point is why shoot in the most unstable position possible with the LCD if the camera has a finder? Do we now depend on stabilization to make up for our negligence of good practice?
  10. Hello: Thanks for the response. I recall circles of confusion from reading many decades ago. In astronomy, those concentric rings are used to test the quality of the optics. In fact there's a book written about it, "Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes". I'm reading the manual right now and have bookmarked the reference poster. Got some playing with this little camera ahead.
  11. Hi: After a lot of reading and head scratching finally decided to get a used X10, 22A*. Learned a lot from the folks here, nice civil bunch of people, nice place to read and learn. Been a long while since I did much picture taking. SWMBO does the photo duties in the family, being much better than I'll ever be. The X10 picks up where my favorite camera of all time, the Rollei 35SE leaves off. The X10 feels pretty familiar in an updated, digital sort of way. Really impressed! Have not attempted any good photography but have tried to induce orbs. Got a couple of pics on Photobucket if anyone would care to take a peek I'd appreciate it. One is dew in the grass, the other is glints on our car. (The box call pic is with a tablet.) http://s783.photobucket.com/user/stupid_0001/library/ Is this X10 a keeper or an orb machine?
  12. Just picked up a used X10. Love it! I like an OVF don't need a ton of info, etched lines for parallax would be enough. 24mm on the wide end would be great, don't really care for more on the long end. My eyes could use a little more +diopter adjustment though in a few years. I'm kind of a plow-horse vs show-horse fellow. I suppose I'd like to see the replacement to this adhere to Occam's Razor. Kind of a ratrod of cameras. Lots of horsepower not really interested in bling. Forgive me if I'm an idiot, but this digital world is new to me... For those that know better than I, what should the next one at this price point look like?
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