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  1. This evening after coming back from a day out I noticed when I was cleaning lenses etc that I had a hot pixel on my lcd. After checking taking pics with lens cap on and in a dark room the pixel was not on the image. I noticed it wasn’t on the lcd either. I reset all settings and it disappeared. After changing all settings back to my custom prefs I noticed it came back when using high performance mode. I’m on the latest firmware 1.02 so cant go higher. Anyone else experienced this? I did send an X-T1 in for pixel mapping but they were clearly visible when looking at the shots on a screen after processing the card. Did anyone ever experience this ?
  2. Garym5

    Problem with the XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R

    I have had the same problem with the 18-55 which I just sold. I have just picked up the Samyang 85mm from Korea and it has the same amount of movement. its the mount itself that is the problem. My prime 35 has minimal movement which is perfect as my canon primes had similar amount of leeway. I'm going to travel into a local store and check the other X-T1 bodies and my lens + other Samyang lenses to see if they are tight enough. I'm more worried about this issue damaging the lens mount itself seeing that it rocks back and forth