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  1. Hi Fuji Community. I bought a second hand XE-2. Great wee unit and was absolutely mint. I have used it minimally but find it now has a lens creep. When pointing the lens up to the sky when extended, it slowly retracts and the opposite when I carry over the shoulder it will extend to max zoom......slowly I wouldnt have thought a short reach zoom like this would have this sort of issue. Anyone else got a problem with theirs? The only difference to the factory zoom is I have attached a B&W Filter. The lens hood is also attached most of the time. Kevin
  2. Thankyou veejaycee. Will work through. I do have the manual and thought I was travelling pretty close to the explanations. Will let you know outcomes. Have a great New Year Kevin
  3. I have purchased a second hand, mint, XE-2 after just about every thing on my X20 died. The camera was sold new in 2015 and has had almost no use. My problems are 1 Function 4 and Fn 5 on the left and right side of the menu button do not activate a Function option when held down. All others work. 2 I cannot source Firmware as DISP BACK button does not function when I hold this down. It works as a Display button. 3 There is no option for Auto Flash in any of the modes or in the menu. It just does not exist even with the flash up. 4 In set up menu / Function Settings Why do only 4 options turn up Fn, Fn2, AF and AE. I would have thought all others would be in this menu? The DISP BACK button also has an option to assign but as noted above I cannot get it to work. In the Manual it says Button/Dial settings but I have gone through every menu incl playback, set up and shooting menu and cannot find this option 5 Is there a Silent Option for PANORAMIC? I have done Full resets and SILENT MODE is OFF as I am aware some Functions do not work when it is ON and all tests have been done in Still Image Drive Mode These seem to be my obvious problems and could well see this item returned as it still falls under Fuji Warranty. I love Fuji and I had used its film for years but when it comes to ease of use and reliability I will not get rid of my other system......until this is resolved anyway. Any help from users would be appreciated. I may just be doing something stupid. Kevin
  4. Thankyou for your help K1W1_Mk2. I will try that This camera has literally come to bits with a raft of previous issues and then I dropped it and the viewfinder no longer functions and the battery discharges when left in the slot, but it still takes great pics for a pocket camera. I may just have to get another! Thanks again
  5. Image saving help required I have an X20. Most things are falling apart or not functioning but it still takes some serious images. My problem is I have some images in the internal memory I wish to keep but the camera no longer downloads via the USB port. I must remove images from the card via another camera. I do however want the images from the int memory. Is there a way to send those images to the SD card so I can then download? Would appreciate anyone's help before I biff this camera. For all its problems and faults, I would buy another Fuji, just not a compact.
  6. Still no sounds even after resets. I will contact Fujifilm New Zealand. The camera has always been dry ( whilst I have owned it) so do not believe it is a problem there. My trusty Nikons never had to do two trips a year to the service agent!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all for your input/help Kevin
  7. Thank you veejaycee will have a look and try. Strangely the assist lamp has started to function again where it wouldnt before. I think I have deeper issues.
  8. Exacta and K1W1_Mk2 Thanks for the comments. Yes have checked all items before I posted. Have turned Silent Mode in menu on and off a number of times as well as doing it on the back button. Definitely not in any macro mode as well. Its quite frustrating and I fear part of the problem is that there are so many options in such a small package. It may end up doing another service trip. The most bizarre thing is I think it just did it on its own. All other items appear to work on the camera.
  9. Thanks K1W1_Mk2. That was the first thing I tried as noted above, silent mode is activated by holding Display Back button down for a few seconds to toggle between on and off. It makes no difference, it still will not leave silent mode.
  10. Hi Fuji People. I have an X20 that I bought second hand as a back up, family and party pic camera. My problem is that it has just stopped making shutter and function sounds . It no longer plays sound back if checking a movie and the Illuminator lamp no longer lights up I have gone through all sound menu checks. I have held down the Disp/Back button countless times all to no avail Firmware was updated at start of year when it went in for a service when it was found to have something on the sensor so dont think there is an issue there. ANY IDEAS. Kevin