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  1. raagamuffin

    X-T20 is on its way

    EOBeav, Welcome to the Fuji world I'd say that its good you're buying the 18-55 first. Once you go prime, you may be reluctant to use it. I still use my well worn 35mm 1.4 (and 23mm 1.4) all the time. I sold my 18-55 around the time I started using those and found their IQ to be brilliant.
  2. And here I thought you were asking us to try and identify the insect. :) Glad that you got it worked out with Fuji.
  3. You are correct, I just noticed this after trying out your observation. I never use this feature, but good information to know that others are using the Nikon (and Canon?) style. As a further test, I did try the 27mm aperture less lens and the front dial does change the aperture. I'm guessing its a bug or an oversight in this release. I read somewhere that Fuji may be coming out with a bug fix firmware for the XT2 soon. Perhaps that will fix this.
  4. raagamuffin


    scharfsj, You make a couple of interesting points, one is that a person shouldn't make any judgements about a product without using it. The second is that previous experience doesn't count as R&D would've made great strides. Both are valid as statements on their own. Taking the second statement, I feel that R&D couldn't have made such great strides in a year, unless they were lying when they said IBIS cannot be supported on the X-mount or were holding out on research. For the first statement, I agree to some extent. The only caveat I will offer is that having used the company's products in the past, and having understood its corporate culture (for example, Kaizen is one, their conservative approach is another), I don't think its a stretch to think that their products will have conservative elements. Another point you took exception to was my idea of 'game changer' for the X-T1 when compared to the XE1. I will explain it as a device that would've been up to par with the competing products in the market at that time, which the X-T1 clearly wasn't, even if many Fuji X photographers were fawning over the AF at that time, which was mediocre at best. Either they didn't have the technology, or were holding back at that time. I feel that the XT2 has the AF that would be considered a 'game changer' (even if its slightly slower compared to similar cameras in its class today). As I said earlier, I am not looking to say that the X-H1 is a bad product, just that given Fuji's previous history, I am not convinced that the X-H1 would be a significant departure from the XT2 given its release timeframe. I'd be curious as to your opinion on the IQ of the XT2 vs the XH1. I agree I should use the XH1, and I will take your advice and try it out and give you my feedback. I will have to take a trip to B&H soon. Cheers !
  5. raagamuffin


    scharfsj, I think you may have misunderstood my sentiment. I haven't handled the XH1, but I think having owned an X100 through XT2, I can speak from historical experience. The difference from XE1 to XT1 was incremental and not 'game changing'. Given that experience, I feel that the difference from XT2 to XH1 would be similar. I don't think I'm way off in my estimation, but you can beg to differ and say it ain't so. Personally, for my photography, it is not worth the upgrade from an XT2 for the extra features in the XH1. The other point that I made is that, as the XT1 was, IMO, a beta autofocus camera (its AF was way behind its competitors at that time) , I am not keen on betting on the first iteration of Fuji's IBIS to be as good as its competitors (especially when they previously claimed that they will not be able to add IBIS to the X-mount). While I want Fuji to succeed, because I love their IQ and handling, I don't feel that the XH1 is enough of a leap for me to invest in it. Pros such as yourself may find certain incremental features critical, but some enthusiasts like me have to make judgement calls.
  6. raagamuffin

    Clouds rolling over Grand Canyon

    Nice shot. I like the perspective in this picture and the light/dark interplay. I do feel that the canyon looks over sharpened (at least in the limited size that I am seeing this in). I prefer more organic relief features (this is a preference thing, so let it not detract from the merits of your photo!).
  7. raagamuffin


    K1W1, and rightly so to be underwhelmed. I have realized that Fuji's draw for me is not necessarily the bodies, rather their lenses. I look back at my XE1 pictures and then my XT2 pics and I see how the picture quality (without pixel peeing) is comparable, with a few pics taken on the XE1 being more appealing under similar (not exactly the same) location and lighting conditions but the same lens. I don't understand the accelerated release cycle either. Samsung (and Apple) do things in the smartphone space with yearly updates, perhaps Fuji is trying to emulate them. As with phones, the technology evolution is practically nil in one year, so IBIS is the only meaningful differentiator. Unless they come up with a much better sensor and significantly faster AF, I don't see the reason to upgrade to the T3.
  8. raagamuffin


    artuk, it sounds like you are looking for a perfect camera, which I don't think exists yet. You mentioned you shoot a Sony, I'm not sure you'd fit in to the Fuji mentality of conservative steps in camera manufacturing. Fuji seem to release 'safe' technology, typically not cutting edge. I like that to some extent, especially in a somewhat mature area such as photography where real evolution (rather than gimmicks) takes longer cycles (even if in our hyped up social media world we want it to be instantaneous). I am a big fan of Sony though, most of their electronics that I own have had virtually no trouble over repeated heavy use, so I'm sure their cameras live up to that sort of metronomic quality. If one avoids their gimmicky offerings, I think they have a good core set of technologies (I mean the size of the A73 is itself a testimony to this). In any event, I hope you will still purchase the reliable technology that is a Fuji camera (my original X100 is still doing well, no complaints, except battery life, need some new batteries ). Otherwise I'll have to take your opinions on Fuji with the lens of historical context as the years distance you from the XPro1 you owned a while ago
  9. raagamuffin


    artuk, Ok, so it sounds like you'll buy a Fuji if it has IBIS and a Bayer Sensor, essentially, you'd buy the GFX if it had IBIS. I'm going to hold you to your statement that you'll buy a Fuji
  10. raagamuffin


    artuk, After having exclusively used Fuji for a while, I went back to my 'old' D7000 and I noticed that for the same picture, the Fuji XTrans tends to increase the 'green' tint in the pictures for color. Interestingly, the Fuji 'green tint' seems to work better for B&W conversion. I don't claim to understand the dynamics of sensor layouts and color spaces, but this makes it worthwhile as I like using B&W more often than not. This can be a burden for people who tend to want color accuracy, I presume, but for most uses it is not that evident, for my amateur eyes anyway. Personally I would speculate that Fuji may want to move towards a Bayer layout in the future if power/processor demands (as mentioned in your comment) consistently stay high while their battery sizes remain the same. They are doing this with the GFX anyway, so there is not a lot of new technology to master since they could presumably reuse what they learned for the X series of the future.
  11. raagamuffin

    Tree fallen

    Nice shot. To me this is interesting, from a sense that it can also be mistaken for a rock face. In my opinion, monochrome adds a layer of interpretation to a picture which I think full color photos do not afford as readily.
  12. raagamuffin


    artuk, I only said, in jest of course, you should buy it because you said in a previous conversation thread somewhere that you'd seriously reconsider Fuji if it had IBIS. Just trying to encourage you in that regard. But in all seriousness, I think the X-H1, which was initially being positioned as a video centric camera, was reviewed as not meeting certain functions for video professionals (when compared to the Panasonic offering). To me it seems like a beefier iteration of the X-T2 line, with IBIS. Given that this is version 1 of their IBIS, I think there may be issues that need to be resolved. I have learned in my many years of owning gadgets that v.1 of anything has issues (remember the Sticky aperture blades on the original X100, etc.). Another issue for an apparently video centric camera is battery life. My X-T2 can run through a good chunk of the battery's life if I'm recording (with interspersed photos, reviewing photos/footage etc.) a 60 minute event. I don't know if they have tweaked this for the XH1, to prolong it, but if the T2 is anything to go by, then I wouldn't think it has improved substantially. There is not enough with respect to the sensor and processing (IMO) to consider the XH1 if one already has a T2 or Pro 2. And personally, I don't think technology improves significantly in 1 year (unless the company is trickling and staggering their previous R&D over many years to maximize profit). I don't mean to dissuade anyone from purchasing the H1, just stating my reasons for skepticism in upgrading to an H1, which I consider a beta version 1 product of IBIS. I'd argue that the XT1 (I own an XT10) was a similar beta-like product (even if it was a success due to marketing), where their competitors had surpassed them in AF and other features. In my mind, the XT2 was the polished camera that the XT1 should've been. My 0.02 $.
  13. raagamuffin


    VJC, the X-H1 is just like the X-T1, half baked (IMO). The T2 IMO was what the T1 should've been, in terms of both video (even if you don't shoot it) and in terms of AF. Wait for the X-H2, you won't regret it, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a monster, but you can defeat it
  14. raagamuffin


    @artuk , OK now that Fuji has an IBIS camera, I hope you'll consider getting one Your biggest complaint against Fuji was this, if I recall correctly.
  15. raagamuffin


    I don't know if the X-H1 is selling well since it seems to be in stock, which wasn't the case for XT2. Could be a variety of reasons why it is not like the XT2 which was out of stock for a while at the beginning of its life. I won't speculate too much, but I think most XT2 owners don't feel the need to upgrade just to get IBIS in a similar package. There are some features on the XH1 that are interesting, the e-ink display is great IMO, I don't use my EV dial nearly as much as I thought I would. Besides the headline feature (IBIS) though, I'm not sure the XH1 is that much different from the XT2. As in the smartphone world, I wonder if camera makers are trying to release a new model every year to seem like they are innovating, when in reality the feature updates remain relatively tame.