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  1. Hey guysSlightly odd question but was just curious, is it possible to read - and convert t0 Jpeg - RAW files taken on an X2o in an X30?Would make sense because as far as I'm aware they have the same processor, and have the benefits such as being able to convert X20 RAW files to classic chrome simulation Jpegs etc.My reasons for considering doing this are quite longwinded and I realise it's pretty impractical, but just wondering if it's possible in theory? Many thanks, Will
  2. Hey, I'm really keen to get the raw files from my X30 into lightroom for editing, however, I'm slightly unsure exactly how to go about this. Lightroom seems to flat out not recognise my RAW files when trying to import them there directly. I've read a lot about people using silkypix to convert their files to then be edited in Lightroom, but despite spending a fairly reasonable amount of time researching this, I have yet to find a step by step guide on how exactly to do it - i.e what changes you need to make when in Silkypix, how you need to save/export the files, and then how this all relates to uploading them for editing in lightroom. Does anyone know a resource that will explain this in a simple manner, or if anyone is able to explain very simply I would be hugely grateful!
  3. Hey guys, Having really enjoyed shooting with my X30 over the past year or so, I'm now interested in investing in a larger sensor Fuji camera to replace my Canon 6D, and am currently considering between the X-T1 and the X-Pro 1 (both with the 56mm 1.2 lens). However, I do currently have some concerns about making this transition... Using my Canon I'm used to shooting tethered to Capture One, and then, once having made the selects, uploading the RAW files to Lightroom for editing, which all works pretty smoothly. Tethering directly to Lightroom is also something I have not experimented with before, but would be interested in trying out with whatever system I invest in. I am aware there are issues with Fuji RAW files and Adobe software - not sure if Fuji's RAW files cause problems with Capture One too - but either way I'm curious as to how possible a workflow as outlined above would be with either of the cameras I am considering, or whether these expectations are unrealistic given the current compatibility issues with Fuji's RAW files. Many thanks Will
  4. not seen that before - definitely looks like it could be a solution
  5. Just checked and it doesn't, I took it for granted that it would. Guess that answers that one!
  6. Just wondering if anyone has found a compatible eyecup or managed to create a hack for the X30 to accomodate one. I generally prefer the comfort of shooting with an eyecup without light interfereance, and just wondered what (if any) options there are for this. I realise any hack would likely disrupt the eye sensor of the evf but I can't see this being an issue for me.
  7. Hey, I've been having a lot of fun recently using the EF-X20 flash on my X30. I'm currently thinking of purchasing a Fujifilm GA645Zi medium format camera to add to my set up, I'm wondering, would the EF-X20 retain its TTL functionaility when used with this camera?
  8. Hey guys I'm looking to do some flash experiments with my Fuji X30, and one of the things I wanted to look at was a ring flash. I had this product in mind for the flash, which seems good value for the price http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yongnuo-YN-14M-Macro-Speedlite-Camera/dp/B00NAPIP5O/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1438048088&sr=1-1&keywords=yongnuo+yn14m It seems I would need some kind of adapter to mount it on my X30, but I don't have the sufficient technical skills to know which. Can anyone advise?
  9. thanks guys - this seems very likely to be the cause of the problem! will give it a try
  10. Hey I've been experimenting recently using 1/4 CTS gel over the ef-x20 flash on my Fuji X30 and been getting some mixed results. On some images the effect of the gel is clear/has the desired effect while on others it's like the gel has been completely bypassed (despite it tightly covering the flash) and the output image suggests a normal flash with no gel on at all. As unlikely as it seems, is there any reason this would be happening due to camera settings etc? If not any other suggestions as to why it might be occuring?
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