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    Photography, Education, Judo and playing LEGO with my son.

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  1. Hi, I am currently working on my thesis about online communities, and I am in a desperate search for guinea pigs for my experiments. Just kidding (half kidding, I mean) . I need to conduct interviews and if you can spare a few minutes of your time (ok, maybe half an hour... ...ok more likely 45 minutes) would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is ricardo.ori@mba2015.esmt.org Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you, Yours sincerely, Ricardo Itiro Ori Now, back to the lab...
  2. © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  3. I have to go there and take the photos of the windmill in the morning. Beautiful city indeed!

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  4. ricardo.ori


    Taken from the same bridge used in the making of the movie 'A bridge too far'.

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  5. ricardo.ori


    Beautiful place, great people. Taken using the panorama function of the X-E1

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  6. Used the panorama function. Had to crop part of the photo (the waves did not stitch well).

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  7. Berlin is a beautiful place to go, visit and live.

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  8. Kids lost in the maize maze Location Milton, Cambridge UK

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

  9. ricardo.ori


    Thank you for the compliment!
  10. ricardo.ori


    For all the bookworms travelling in Berlin, do visit the Humboldt University Library near the Friedrichstrasse Station.

    © Ricardo Itiro Ori

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