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    Fujinon 35 f/1.4, 16-55 f/2.8, 60 f/2.4 Macro

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  1. Greetings! This is a BARGAIN kit (Includes XT-1 Tips book)! I have a MINT Condition Fujifilm XT-1 16MB Digital Mirrorless Camera with a new Fujinon XF 60mm Macro lens, plus several accessories for sale. This is rated as one of the best APS-C mirrorless systems on the market, with top-notch image quality, excellent ergonomics, weather-sealing, and lightweight...a perfect travel kit...Any Fujinon lenses will work with this camera. (For a sample image, the attached image of the Fujinon 60mm Macro lens was taken with this XT-1.) Kit includes the following: Like New Fujifilm XT-1 Graphite body (weather resistant) with latest firmware updates Has 1075 shutter actuations, Rated for 150,000 actuations Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro Lens (A VERY sharp lens!) B+W 39mm F-Pro UV Haze filter Fuji EF-X8 Electronic Flash Fuji Wide Eyecup - accommodates eyeglasses wearers Fuji Vertical Grip (weather resistant like the camera!) original box with camera manual Fuji body cap Fuji strap Fuji software CD Fuji battery Fuji battery charger 16GB SD card LCD Protector New ThinkTANKPhoto Mirrorless Mover 30i shoulder bag PLUS a BONUS if sold fast: "The Fujifilm XT-1 111 X-Pert Tips" book - a $25 value! Will consider first solid offer! PayPal only please. Make me an offer! :-)
  2. Yes, this is a superb lens! FYI, if anyone is in the market for a like New XT-1 with a super sharp Fujinon 60mm f/3.4 Macro lens, vertical grip, and accessories, please email me at steve@totalqualityphoto.com. A great deal! Thank you.
  3. Greetings! I agree with your selection of the superb Fujinon 35! Coupled with the XT-1 and firmware updates, it seems fast enough for all but perhaps action sports. The 60 Macro is indeed slower, but as another poster said, superb for product, still, and portraiture. Plus, it is tack sharp at all apertures up to around f16 (as Fuji's LMO function minimizes diffraction effects at small apertures!) In short, a superb high-quality system!
  4. Jeremy, Thanks for your information. As an XT-1 user, I find that the Fuji Vertical Grip with extra battery is quite helpful, as it drains first, then the camera battery kicks in. Plus, it's great being able to see both battery statuses in the LCD. (Also, I carry 2 more spares in addition to the onboard pair.)
  5. Greetings fellow FujiX photographers! As a new member of this forum, I hope to be a worthy contributor. Having recently acquired an XT-1 with a few superb Fujinon optics (35, 16-55, 60 Macro), I was lucky to have used Competitive Cameras in Dallas, whose courteous professionals did the camera and lens firmware updates while I contemplated what else I may need. So far, I am amazed by the overall quality of this system, both in terms of build and image quality! It's the first digital system where I feel that sharpening in post is unnecessary! Thank you.
  6. I agree with Christopher on the 35...I use it on an XT-1, and I do believe it has "pixie dust" in it...the sharpness, tonality, and micro-contrast of this lens is astounding! (Actually, as a Fuji X comparative "newbie", I haven't seen a "bad" Fujinon lens yet...even the 60 f/2.4 Macro is improved with the latest firmware update, plus it is tack sharp! I can also highly recommend the 16-55 f/2.8 XF Zoom as well...a very high-quality (and weather-sealed) lens! In fact, in my 35+ years of photography, I don't think I've seen a sharper, higher quality system of lenses than these Fujinon optics. If interested, please feel free to check my jpegs at www.totalqualityphoto.com. Thank you, and I look forward to contributing to this awesome forum!
  7. Foliage in sun with Iron Bench

    © totalqualityphoto.com

  8. Taken with a Fuji XT-1 and Fujinon 60 f/2.4 Macro with bounce flash

    © TotalQualityPhoto

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