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  1. Extension tubes are for close up shots, not distance. Working with extension tubes will give you narrow depth of field, so NO you wont have enough DOF to pick up a cloud.
  2. Wow you got GAS bad No matter how good a lens is it depends on how much youll use it. Will you use a 56mm lens that much ? You are talking amount getting rid of a very new 35mm lens which is spectacular, but you couldnt have used that much either. Perhaps you should take a step back and look at the type of photography you do.
  3. Releasing firmware to update a previous model to almost what a new body will do is not good business sense. Or sustainable.
  4. Do you have a compelling reason in your type of photography that requires you to get the 35mm? An 18-55mm would be more versatile to start with. Glass is more important bodies can always be upgraded.
  5. I used to sell the minolta rokkors when they were new (quite some years ago) always said they were good :)
  6. Fuji will need to bear in mind the competition. Will be interesting to see how they price this.
  7. Some interesting posts on this thread.
  8. Is it really worth buying a f2 and f1.4 version?
  9. Parsley on the homemade stuffing during cooking. Merry Christmas everybody.
  10. Thanks and the same to you. Merry Christmas everyone.
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