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  1. I recently bought an AD360 godox flash to use with my fuji x-t2, it came with the ft-16 transmitter and the ftr-16 and they work perfectly with x-t2 only in manual. I want to buy the AD600BM flash but I do not know which trigger to buy. I saw several videos on youtube and some say that the canon version works and others say that the version for nikon is better, I know my trigger does not work because it works at 433mhz and the ad600bm already has the 2.4GHz integrated receiver.I know tha exist a XTR16 that works in 2.4Ghz but is this my only option? it works with the x-t2 ? I plan to buy two Godox QT600II to use in conjunction with the AD600 in studio and I really needed to know which is the best triggers option now for use with the Fuji system. Someone with experience in this flashes with the fuji system and especially the x-t2 tryed this with the cactus v6II ? i don´t need TTL but HSS is very welcome.