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  1. Okay, here's a fragment of one of the recent shots where peaking outline seemed to indicate all proper focus, but reality is less sharp. This is a re-saved, non-resized fragment of the image as I can't upload the full large file. I have tried focusing using split bw-colour image, not sure if this gives me a more accurate picture. Enlarging part of picture works only for high-contrast detail at low ISO, otherwise everything seems to be uniform and noisy. I have corrected the diopter setting and all viewfinder info comes out crisp and sharp.
  2. You can read the original post for the starters to see the lens make. Lens itself is right, tested on my Nikon. Focusing technique you can elaborate on, camera setting issue in full manual seems to be less relevant, but I'd take some elaboration on that too. Subject move can be excluded - one has to be an idiot to offer a question having not checked that.
  3. As I said, the issue is not limited to macro and I would even say, macro is less of a problem, because I know I need to stabilise and because the stuff I shoot (the proverbial flower) is normally in one plane. But why would a portrait of someone standing two or three metres away lack definition despite peaking popping up in eyes/hair area - that's what throws me.
  4. Transiting to Fuji XT10 from Nikon , I am trying to use Nikon 60mm f2.8 D AF Micro Nikkor with an adapter, but have issues focusing. Even in a non-macro situation (portraits), even with aperture stopped down to, say 5.6 or 8 shots come out downright bad. My only guidance is peaking outline on the screen and I am wondering how reliable it is. Also, I am not totally sure 60mm is the figure I need to put into the non-native lens section of the camera setup. Is this automatically corrected for the adapter connecting the lens to the camera or is there another formula? I also see there're a few more parameters to input manually, but am not sure they can influence sharpness. Is there anything I am missing?
  5. I went a bit further in the thick of the manual and yes, see now that with a 'ringed' lens aperture is not controllable by the dial at all. Given the proliferation of those dials on SLRs and the ease of programming a myriad of other functions onto buttons in Fuji cameras it's very strange they didn't leave this option for the user. Top wheel is a classic, but I'd welcome a choice.
  6. I just got an XT10, but first attempts at using it and reading the manual don't make it clear: can I control both aperture and shutter speed by the two small wheels (dials) on the front and the back of the camera? At the moment the situation is as follows: the wheel assigned to shutter speed acts within a few stops of whatever SS is defined by the main knob on top of the camera. The wheel assigned to aperture does exactly nothing and the only way to correct the aperture is via the lens ring (my lens is an XF 10-24 f/4 with a manual-auto switch). Reversing the roles of the camera wheels doesn't change the situation. I would like to move all changes in SS and aperture to those two rings. Is it possible?
  7. This wee camera is the unluckiest I had so far. First wrong filters, then the smashed lcd panel (fixed, see earlier), a week ago I accidentally poured my coffee down my coat and drenched the camera. It emerged largely unscathed, front ring felt a bit sticky but was operational, then went to normal. One thing which suffered is the focus selector lever in the left lower corner. First all three positions kept single auto focus mode. Upon some working back and forth continuous focus returned. Manual focus, however, is not coming back. That;s where my thinking falters. The switch only redirects focusing on the front ring, not doing anything else. Those who understand the internal logic of the camera - where exactly can the fault now be?
  8. What are good and trusty 3rd party charger/battery combos for the x30 as seen on UK amazon? Some offer only the 1800mAh, some go to scary 2600mAh (any drawbacks?), all are unheard of anywhere. I've heard the mention of Wasabi on the US site, but not in UK. Any impressions? Thank you.
  9. and so you wouldn't be able to use any flash, internal or mounted or off-camera via hotshoe, in the super macro mode on the x30?
  10. Another function which disables flash is supermacro as I just found out. There is little need for any kind of flash when the camera is so close for subject, but I object to the philosophy itself - full manual mode means full manual with no implied restrictions. Besides, firing flash means conscious decision of deploying one anyway....
  11. A-ha. Silent mode was the culprit. Thank you. Now, what is the logic of disabling flash in silent mode?
  12. Happens again now - an element of the camera is refusing to be managed in full manual mode. Was ISO a while ago, now the flash - the button next to Menu one is not doing anything, with or without flash unit popped out. Accessing flash options via Menu shows Flash greyed-out, although Compensation graph is still active. What is it with this camera and why does it lock itself out of some options?
  13. I did fix this by myself in the end, finding a dealer in UK, buying the part (this seems to be the X100 unit, if anyone's wondering), moving the part to my country and unassembling the screen, then the unit. It's not the easiest job, but in the end all went well and the camera is back to life with external screen.
  14. I found this, http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-LCD-Display-Screen-Repair-Part-for-CANON-PowerShot-G12-Digital-Camera-With-Backlight/674299362.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.2.yFEm5r&ws_ab_test=201556_3,201527_2_71_72_73_74_75,0_0 Description says x20, but not x30 and there's nothing yet specific on x30 anywhere. Anyone in the know - is this the same component for x30? I've spoken to fuji repair place in my town, no warranty and looking at the part it does seem to be a plug-in job.
  15. I haven't got much faith in warranty. First, it was purchased on US Amazon with something saying 'no warranty', secondly, isn't it the kind if damage which points to a user with all certainty, i.e. not the product failure?