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  1. Ostravaczech

    Nothing in focus syndrome

    @raagamuffin - Oh, that’s funny ….. because it happened to me at GC last year so there must be something about that place, I suppose. Anyway, I am sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
  2. Ostravaczech

    Nothing in focus syndrome

    I had this happen when I used zone focus. Many of my shots were out of focus. When I switched to single point, all was fine.
  3. Ostravaczech

    Colors and layers of Grand Canyon

    with Bright Angel Trail, Indian Gardens and Plateau Point halfway down the Canyon.
  4. Ostravaczech

    Little rain in Arizona … and voila!

    Mammillaria cactus (?)
  5. Ostravaczech

    Haleakala Landscape

    House of the Sun
  6. Ostravaczech

    Wading through the Narrows

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  7. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

  8. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  9. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

    One of my all time favorites in the Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  10. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

    I haven’t done much traveling this year so I was going through photos from some time ago. The Narrows is a very narrow canyon in the Zion National Park with Virgin River flowing through it.
  11. Ostravaczech

    Claret Cup Cactus

  12. @Franky2step - were you successful in trying the XRAW Studio?
  13. Also, do not expect Lightroom/Photoshop capabilities out of the X RAW Converter.
  14. Ostravaczech

    Neighbor’s Rose

    Image processed with FujiFilm X RAW Studio in Classic Chrome. Originally shot in RAW, in Provia/Standard film simulation.