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    Echinocactus grusonii
  2. Ostravaczech

    Some new landscapes

    Love the last BW! Very dramatic white clouds against very dark sky!
  3. Ostravaczech

    Pescadero Cliffs

    Beautiful shot! Amazing scenery!
  4. Ostravaczech

    Wildflowers are starting to pop up.

    Along the Western Loop Trail, McDowell Mountain Park in Fountain Hills, AZ.
  5. Ostravaczech


    On our recent trip to Los Angeles, we took a detour through Joshua Tree National Park. Beautiful place, full of huge granite boulders and rock formations.
  6. Ostravaczech

    Peace Palace, Den Haag

    the Netherlands.
  7. Ostravaczech

    Artist at the porcelain factory in Delft.

    the Netherlands.
  8. Ostravaczech

    Bicycles in Delft

    the Netherlands
  9. Ostravaczech


    the Netherlands
  10. Ostravaczech

    van Gogh Museum

    in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  11. Ostravaczech


    and ever-present bicycles.
  12. Ostravaczech

    Nothing in focus syndrome

    @raagamuffin - Oh, that’s funny ….. because it happened to me at GC last year so there must be something about that place, I suppose. Anyway, I am sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
  13. Ostravaczech

    Nothing in focus syndrome

    I had this happen when I used zone focus. Many of my shots were out of focus. When I switched to single point, all was fine.
  14. Ostravaczech

    Colors and layers of Grand Canyon

    with Bright Angel Trail, Indian Gardens and Plateau Point halfway down the Canyon.
  15. Ostravaczech

    Little rain in Arizona … and voila!

    Mammillaria cactus (?)
  16. Ostravaczech

    Haleakala Landscape

    House of the Sun
  17. Ostravaczech

    Wading through the Narrows

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  18. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

  19. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  20. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

    One of my all time favorites in the Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  21. Ostravaczech

    The Narrows

    I haven’t done much traveling this year so I was going through photos from some time ago. The Narrows is a very narrow canyon in the Zion National Park with Virgin River flowing through it.