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  1. Interesting. I have never had a freezing issue until last week when I updated the firmware ( 3.0) and put a reformatted Lexar back in the camera ( I had downloaded the update onto it). Now both my 50-140 and my 90 have frozen twice. Bloody Lexar. I had a gut feeling they were crap
  2. I have the F ( plus W/TCL). It’s my first venture into the X100 world. It’s good, but I’ve got a long way to go with it. My T2 with the 16 and 35mm 1.4 smashes it for me out of the park. However, I’m not going to let a camera I’ve paid so much for beat me. I’ve been severely tempted with an offer to replace it with a Xpro2 and 23 f2 graphite, but I brought the f for a purpose, that is to have a more portable camera with similar technology to my T2, that I can easily take mountain biking etc...and that is the F.
  3. It sounds spectacular. I love my 90 and my 50-140, but if the 200 f2 comes out with WR and OIS, wow I'm in. If it takes the 1.4TC, even better.
  4. Buck777


    X100F, playing around.
  5. Buck777

    Grandfathers radio

    X100F, Acros
  6. Buck777


    X100F Acros
  7. I have the X100F with the TCL attached and I have found the ONA Bowery to be the perfect size.
  8. I have found my strap on x100f from deadcameras is amazing. Made in Portugal, very well made.
  9. Buck777

    Owl caught by 50-140

    Morepork. We have a resident pair that follow us around
  10. X-T2, 50-140 with 1.4 TC. This breed of owl is rarely seen at night let alone during the day. Over the moon to get it. The pair are residents on our farm. This is the reason I got the 1.4 TC
  11. Buck777

    Barn Owl

    X-T2, 50-140, 1.4 TC this is the reason I purchased the 1.4TC. For me ( and that's all that matters ?) this shot was possible because of it.
  12. Have both, love both. I would definitely choose the 23mm. There is something magical about that lens. I've just won a national photo comp with it. The 56 is THE lens for dof. But I found that it takes time to get that right shot, whereas the 23mm just grabs the subject in any condition. I went overseas earlier this year and took my 16 instead of the 23. That's a mistake I'll never repeat again. 23, you won't regret it.
  13. Buck777

    Bee on rata

    X-T2, 50-140, 1.4 TC
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