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  1. Sorry I just saw this. I still have it.
  2. Franco for sure on the hand holding. I stepped out on my back yard and took a few shots and it seems to be sharp enough. Sure miss AF
  3. Just received a Sigma 400mm f5.6 telephoto macro manual focus lens that I am going to use on my Fuji XT1. Of course it will be a completely manual use. I am planning on using it for wildlife and nature photos till hopefully the rumored 80-400 Fuji is released. Just curious if anyone else has used a similar lens on your Fuji and what results you had. Hope to get out tomorrow and try it out.
  4. It's beyond me! But it did. I finally noticed or should say paid attention to a popup I kept getting when I opened photoshop.. It was telling me to update due to it might keep some Adobe products from operating properly. Well I just didn't believe that it would have anything to do with photoshop? Guess I am a little slow sometimes. LOL
  5. After replacing the camera and updating microsoft internet explorer I now have pictures in focus. Yea happy camper now. The camera swap made some difference and the upgrading of Microsoft Internet explorer made a big difference. Evidently down loading Windows 10 didn't mix to well with photoshop. Who would have thought! thanks for all your help and suggestions.
  6. I have a Fuji 18-135 lens for sale. It comes with box. It is in great condition. It came with the camera deal and just doesn't fit my style of shooting. $550.00
  7. Love looking at your pictures. Very good capture on them.
  8. Thanks for all the replys. See if I can answer some of your questions. Close up shots I am referring to under 30 ft. This is first trip out with new camera other than playing with it in the back yard. Ois was off when on tripod. Camera was not on manual. Shot again today at f8 to f13. Shots were a lot better. Could be the depth of field is not what I am accustom to on Nikon. Seems to be a lot less depth on Fuji or the 18-55 lense. Which is what I shot today. I will say I love the feel and controls on this camera. Hope I can figure this issue out. I totally agree with you Buck777 Veejaycee your description of the 18-135 sounds like what I was seeing. I was shooting JPEG yesterday and today. Just downloaded Elements 14 on laptop for this trip. Having to relearn everything on this trip. Whew. Next trip will bring desk top. LOL. Files too large to upload. see if I can work on that
  9. I am new here but have a question. I have shot Nikon for several years. I now have a fuji XT 1 with the 18-55 and 18-135. Can you really expect the same focus and sharpness of landscape pictures with the fuji system as we were able to get with the nikon D7100? After a lot of reading and looking at other folks work with the fuji I was convinced I could. I have shot landscape for the last three days in the Smokies and don't have a keeper yet. Am I expecting to much out of it? I hope not caused I really enjoy this camera. Close up shots are great. But any landscape with any depth are not good. 18-24 mm f14-f18 Shutter varies On Tripod Zone focus about third of the way in frame. This worked with Nikon but working here. Need help. Would post some examples but was aggravated and deleted all of them. Over three hundred. Thanks Ken Lutes
  10. I too have just moved over to Fuji X T1. Left nikon D7100 and all the normal big heavy lenses. Great system just got tired of all the weight and bulk. It just got to not be fun anymore. I am finally getting excited to get back out taking pictures. I just found this site and I am looking forward to learning from everyone here. Ken
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