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  1. Well my X-T1 is still my work horse and doesn't get as nicely dressed up as this beauty. This is my EDC street shooter. I love the styling and look lf this camera and I want my subjects to enjoy its beauty as much as I do. The look and overall build quality of these Fujifilm cameras are second to none in my mind!
  2. Hello all. I recently developed an issue with my X-T1. While shooting in single shot mode the camera will automatically start glitching out and switching between double exposure, and ADV. modes. Any thoughts? The dials are locked in and dont appear to be loose.
  3. Well I ended up going with this beauty from Seilstyles. Nice length and durable build quality.
  4. I have been through many many bags but I wont get into them all. I will just talk about the three that I have kept through the years. My first bag which I would say is my main EDC bag would be the ONA Prince Street. This bag is perfect! Maxed out this bag holds my X-T1, 27mm, 56mm, 18-135mm, EF-X20 flash, Instax Neo 90, tablet, batteries and note pads. It sounds large but is really not. Its perfect for when I am shooting my X100F and want some space for extra random things. Second would be the National Geographic A2560. This is more of my travel bag as it will fit my camera gear, laptop, accessories and more. Lastly there is my goto hiking bad. The Lowepro Slingshot Edge 150 AW. This bag is quite durable, waterproof and reliable while out in nature. Its comfortable and still holds all my gear plus my Vanguard VEO 235 Tripod all without breaking my back and shoulders.
  5. The Fujifilm Film Simulations are hands down one of the main things that keeps me coming back to the brand. It is by far one of the most fun things to tinker with while shooting and really increases my enjoyment out in the field. I have been shooting alot less with my X-T1 lately and have been enjoying my X100F far more but here are a few examples of the film simulations I have enjoyed using from my X-T1 and still use while shooting my X100F. Classic Chrome: Monochrome: Velvia/Vivid: Pop Color: I threw in the over saturated Pop Color example because although its unrealistic for most real world shooting applications it can still be fun and provide some interesting results!
  6. I actually was going to get one from Kenji for my X-T1 but went with another brand instead.
  7. Thank you! You wouldn't happen to have any suggestions as to whom may carry some good options would you?
  8. LCM_Scott

    Mt. Hope Cemetery

    Thank you and that was done in post.
  9. Shoot I didnt notice that they started carrying thongs! I will have to check that out lol. They are a trusty worthy and all around good company to do business with. But buyer beware that sometimes when buying cameras and gear overseas it can mess with your warrenties so look into it carefully before hand. That is why I prefer shopping within my country, state and city if possible. But I have purchasedfrom DigitalRev in the past with no issues.
  10. Can a small dimmable light be brought in? If so they sell some great, cheap hot shoe LED lamps on Amazon. Make sure its dimmable though.
  11. Hey y'all I habe recently purchased an X100F to add to my Fuji line up and I love it except for one thing... Its a slippery lil critter! There is very little grip to it. I am looking into options for grip extensions. I have noticed people using the hotshoe thumb grips but I think I want more grip on the front right side. Any one using cases or grip extensions that can offer some suggestions?
  12. There is color adjustment in camera for the EVF. This issue is exactly why I never use mine when using my X100F. I prefer the old school optical feel any ways. My XT-1 however has a beautiful EVF and y'all know how old that is! Play with the EVF colorbalance though. You can make it a little better but not perfect.
  13. LCM_Scott

    KODAK Tower

    KODAK Tower, downtown Rochester, NY.

    © Life's Captured Moments

  14. Photo of the abandoned chapel at the Mt. Hope cemetery in Rochester, NY.

    © Life's Captured Moments

  15. LCM_Scott

    Bausch & Lomb

    A rainbow over the old Bausch & Lomb building, downtown Rochester, NY.

    © Life's Captured Moments

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