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  1. Thanks for the responses! It seems thatthe consensus is that this feature is more or less worthless, which I would agree with. It seems strange that Fujifilm would have such a strong camera series and such weak computer software to back it up. The computer software all has a cheap, 2005-era 3rd party developer feel to it... which is NOT a good thing.
  2. I can't seem to connect my Fujifilm XM-1 to my Computer to enable the AutoSave function. My camera and laptop are both connected to the network via WIFI and my laptop has the AutoSave software installed, which are the only reasons Fujifilm lists for the camera not recognizing the computer. The camera always lists the error "No Destination PC found". Any ideas on what is going on or what I might be doing wrong? Also, I'm new to Fujifilm. Do you find the AutoSave feature useful? I listed this under General Discussion because AutoSave is not unique to the XM-1.
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