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  1. FrankPrendergast

    Good starter book for X30?

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately so far my searches have only come up with the Jacob Gleam book which gets very bad reviews, and a book in German (http://amzn.to/1Ry38zr) which somebody on another forum said was good - but I don't speak German I guess I'll just have to learn the hard way.
  2. FrankPrendergast

    Good starter book for X30?

    Hi All - I just got a Fuji X30 and find the manual pretty poor, would like to accelerate my learning curve with a good book. The closest thing my searches have thrown up is Alexander S White's book on the X10 which has been discussed on these forums so I guess a lot of you are familiar with it. My question is whether the book is still largely useful for the X30 as I'm not familiar with the changes from x10 > x20 > x30, or whether anyone can recommend any other books. I have some small bit of photography experience but it's safe to assume a beginners level for any recommendations Thanks for any help.