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    X30 28-112mm f 2-2.8 - Canon 50mm f 1.4, 85mm f 1.8
  1. I'm glad to hear that it worked for you! How nice! That's an awesome little camera, though I don't usually use the flash I want it to be working when I need it, lol... I didn't know that step by step tutorial was helpful until today, and I'm really glad it was. A happy New Year!
  2. Hi! I bought a Fuji X30 a few days ago and was facing this issue with the flash too, so I'm going to tell you what I did to make my camera's flash fire. First, I realised that it was in silent mode, like all of you said. Second, that the Selector button, whenever I pressed to select Flash, Macro, etc, was always selecting the focus area instead of the flash or other settings. So here goes what do you need to do, step by step: first, turn on the camera, then click on the "Menu/OK" button -> scroll down until you get on the Set-up (blue menu) number 1, press Menu/OK -> choose Silent Mode and turn it "off" -> then, go back to the blue menu and select the number 2 (or just scroll the screen down till you get on the SELECTOR BUTTON SETTING) -> change the selection from "Focus Area" to "Fn BUTTON". Done! Now you'll be able to use your flash, or the macro mode, etc, by clicking on the 4 buttons around the Menu button. Just pop up the flash and be happy for finally being able to select what you really wanna use on the Selector Buttons. You'll be able to choose if you want the flash on or off and other choices. Sorry if my English is not correct, but I hope I could help another customers like me that just couldn't understand why the flash wasn't working properly.
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