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  1. Thanks for your response. Seems some of the reviewers who've had early access have looked into this already and yes, the TCL does work with the digital teleconverter, yielding focal lengths equivalent to about 110mm. I'm going to be interested to find out what a 16MP crop looks like out of such a file. If it's good then you're getting some serious 'telephoto' action from such a small camera! Oh, here's the link to the review: http://macfilos.com/photo/2017/2/5/fuji-x100f-first-impressions-on-the-streets-of-london
  2. Hi, anyone know if the X100f's digital teleconverter works in conjunction with the TCL-X100 teleconverter lens? If yes any idea what equivalent focal lengths can be achieved? Many thanks.
  3. Hi. I use photography in order to capture textures and light effects for use in digital montages. That means a fair bit of macro but also picking things out from a distance in clouds and high in trees. I also like to travel light so am looking at using the 90mm with an extension tube to cover all these bases and would like to avoid constantly removing and re-applying it if possible. How will the extension tube will affect focus for the distance shots? As I understand it I won't be able to focus from close by to infinity, but will I still have enough DOF to pick out a cloud I like, not caring what else is in focus? Or the play of light in some leaves at the top of a tree? I've looked on line but haven't got the technical knowledge to figure this out. Help appreciated.
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